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Posted in Child Care on 5th November 2011

I have a friend who’s owed back child support, like a lot of it, but?
her ex is in a different state. The IRS sends her his refund every year (not very much), but she’s still owed almost 20 grand. The IRS will not release any info about him, and she’s getting no help from her state’s courts.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how she can find him (as she doesn’t even know more than the state he’s in). She has all the documentation, but in her words, “if I were on welfare in Montana, they’d search hi and low for him, but since I’m doing ok in another state, no one seems to care.”

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by @$ $ hole
that’s messed up, there are some organizations that help but charge a fee not up front but from what they collect, hope this helps

Answer by Erica
Let me state a fact: The reason why the “state” doesn’t care is because this person is getting no assistance from them. You bet your butt if she were getting help from the DHS offices, they would be hunting him down! Why? B/c the state doesnt’ want to pay for your kids. Unfortunately, it’s a rat race world out there and everyone has to do what they need to in order to get by. Including apply for aid. Anyhow. I have a similar situation. My suggestion would be to #1. Apply for help through your state Child Support Enforcement. It might cost her something, but if she can make the money, they maybe she can spend some on this. #2. Hire an Atty. #3. Hire a private investigator. With the help of CSE you can have the debt put on his credit report, his license suspended, or even have him arrested or held in contemt of a court order if you have one stating child support owed. If you hire an atty, make sure you have the proper paper work like court orders and what not so that “he or she” can push forward with contempt charges. If you hire a private investigator, have them acquire as much info as possible and then hire an atty. If you know where he lives, have his ss# and what not, you should be able to easily track him down. He might have a utility in his name, or you can search public records like foreclosures, the police blotters, property deeds, anything that can give you information.

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