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question of Perfect Angel : I Got in a real fight with my step-mom “……..?
OK. My mother and my grandmother went out of town somewhere. My sisters and I had with my father and step-mother “to stay because we could not go. My father works. We spend the whole day with my step-mom. ” I hate them, and so my mam and grandma. A wicked witch. She was mad at me because the whole day, I was on my laptop and my sisters were on the phone. She complained about how we “did nothing but sit.” She also said “you can tell your mother’s house, but you’re not following with her no more. You have rules at home.” My sister said, referred to its mean. “Step Mom” she said, “why do you think you’re talking about how the” Watch that mouth, “Then you get up and clean up all! My other sister said, “She is my mother. Tell me what not to do. “I said,” The only person here to tell us what to do to my father. He is not here. But you’re not my mother. You can not say, my anything, “she said,” Little girl, do not talk to me with Sun You better be lucky I’m your step mother. When I was your mother, you would have beaten, and sleeping outside. “I told her mouth halten.Sie touched me in my forehead with his finger and said.” Wait until I tell your father all you girls “I hit his hand away and told her to move, she pushed. my arm and told me to get up. I pushed her into a wall and told her no. She tried to push me up, but I slapped and pushed her away. My little sister pushed her too. I beat her again . and me and my sisters ran upstairs and locked our bedroom door, you can not enter, and I’m jetzt.Was in the space you think about what happened Best Answer:

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