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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of Jac Neko : I feel like I am a mother, my siblings. Sun …?
Since my parents divorced, which was about 10 years ago, I feel like I’m raising my siblings and more work than my own parents were. I do not have a job, nor have I for any of the bills to pay, but I feed clothe, and help these children at school (we are taught at home). I feel robbed as in my childhood was, and I’m really, because my two youngest siblings are just stressed so overwhelming lately. They do not all ask what I do. The simplest things like washing dishes, sweeping the floor, in which the plates and feeding of the dog are all ignored. My mother always tells me I am doing a “great job baby-sitting,” but in reality, I feel like crap. The house is currently a mess, because whenever I get a load of laundry, do the dishes or clean the table, I turn around and it’s a mess again! It seems like my mother was letting this slide for so long. I do not know what to do. That’s a lot to a 15-year-old shoulders Best Answer.

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