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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of Mila, Lilley, Riley & madelyn mother : i dont want the lady at my house at all ?
my mother is alwys call and is like “you need me to babysit, so that you and Adam (my husband) can go?” or “You always sit your dad baby lt” But I do not think my mother anywhere near my children or my home. it could be her biological Grandmaw, but my stepmother is a way better Grandmaw. because my mother is her biological Grandmaw she has no rights to my children? i dont think so, but I’m not sure. If your not sure what I’m talking about or need information about why I do not want my mother to run, then I would be happy to give them, just ask. So my question is yes, what can I do? I get a restraining order or something? and she has any rights? I hope Excluded this reason: to beat 1.my mother used me very hard when I spend the weekends at her house and I will do this to my children2. i havent talked to you come in 16 years and now she’s just in my life like everything is just not her perfekt3.i vertrauen4.she loves to smoke and trinken5.she is simply not the type of woman I ever that um6 my children. My children do not have to face what I did when I think of her age Warsi, she has a right to my children, but they? when she shows up to my house unexpectedly, I stay in my room with the children and my husband she has to get out there and (politely) ask them to leave, because it only causes me too much stress and I just cannot deal with it more. not to mention, I’m pregnant and I want to, you are their cigarettes aroun me, my children and my unborn child. granted i lve her when she is sober, but it is not rare or sober, I can not put up more with it, it’s just too stressful Best Answer:

response from Mrs. Evans
do have rights, but I hope for your case, it will not go to court. Also, remember that the judge usually always favors the mothers request. Good luck

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