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Posted in Child Support on 10th October 2012

I don’t make enough money to meet my child support obligations?
In Pennsylvania, they are allowed to take 55% of my pay, which now (with the poor economy) isn’t enough to cover my support. I go further and further into arrears every month. If I don’t make enough to cover the child support, is it safe to assume I can get a reduction if I file for modification? As far as I know child support amounts are based on income, so can they order me to pay more than the allowable 55% of my income which would cause me to continue to fall into arrears each month?

Please spare me the “dead beat dad who doesn’t want to pay child support” comments, because that’s not the case. I have had no issues paying until now when I’m not making enough to cover it. And a 2nd job is not an option at this point, because all of my free time is spent with my children.

Has anyone been in or witnessed a situation like mine?

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Answer by titania_woodland_fairy_queen
as long as your not already paying the state minimum then yes you can seek a reduction based on income.

Answer by Ocimom
Petition the court to have your CS reduced. Bring in your income records and explain the situation to the judge. Most times they will adjust things for you. Otherwise, your tax refunds will go to CS to pay for back CS.

Answer by doodaaman
Don’t worry about it. Graterford is a nice place and deadbeats like you make someone a good wife

Answer by Tony
You should be able to file a modification through the Support agency. They are suppose to help both parents, but they are a pain in the ass to talk to if you are the non-custodial parent. I would contact a lawyer and have him file for you. The sooner the better…good luck.

Answer by Katie M
My son is going through the same thing. He had an outrageous amount of support to pay and he lost his job. He didn’t have the $ $ for an attorney and now he’s in arrears. His ex is spiteful enough to file contempt charges so now anytime he is late, he can be put in jail for 15 days. How she expects him to make money in jail, I’ll never know.
My son has been making good faith payments every month although it’s not the 1400. per month the court ordered.
Go back to court and get the order modified. I wish you the best in this and no, you don’t sound alike a dead beat dad. A dead beat dad wouldn’t even be worrying about it. Good luck.

Answer by in a bind
Talk to the child support division in your state and request a modification and then you will have to prove everything.

Answer by hoyerpaul
talk to your ex and see if yo can both work something out if not than try to get your support lowered

Answer by piercing_beauty96
you need to set up a meeting with the judge, and have them re-modify your support agreement. take them proof of your loss of income and explain to them that you do not make enough to pay child support and meet your monthly expenses. explain to them that you would like to have your ammount lowered, and see if they can roll in a set ammount monthly on top of support to cover the arrears (ex. like $ 20 extra a month). If you can prove a good payment history, then I dont see the judge having a problem with this. also, you could have them do a weekly deduction from your payroll checks so that you arent left trying to fit a large bill in every month. my husband pays $ 28 a week from his payroll check for his son, and it is much easier than finding the $ 122 at the end of the month.

Answer by riddler
File for a modification asap! Do not wait….when they change the amount of support they should back date it to the month you filed for the modification. Usually it will take 2-3 months before they make a decision. I don’t know your exact circumstances, but the only way they can bill you more than 55% of your earnings is if you had say three different kids with three different moms, then each child is entitled to about 20% of you income with no cap. But if thats not the situation then I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting it reduced. Good luck brother.

Answer by Mike Jones who Mike Jones
I pay child support in Cali. but I reside in Texas. Last year I was laid off of my job. I collected unemployment and finally found a job paying less than half what I was making before. So I put in for a modification this week i got my payments reduced from 600 to 300 a month. I am excited because I always felt that $ 300 was enough. My mom does so much for my daughter. Now I can afford to visit her.

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