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Posted in Babysitting on 11th December 2013

I not need a babysitter, do you think that’s fair?
I’m 14 (girl). My sister is 11 My parents go to dinner tonight, and she just said, our 16-year-old comes neibor to babysit us. I’m pretty excited because I think I need to dot a babysitter. I’m 14, you might as well stick me in a diaper and call me a baby! And it’s strange that it is only 2 years older than me, and if I remember correctly, that long ago she was not 15 I some of my friends are my babysitter, it’s just embarrassing. We had this girl babysit us imagine, and it is one of those baby-sitter, who always watching you and help you and you babying. I think I’m mature enough alone with my sister for a few hours tonight. What do you think? Any advice? . Thanks Best Answer (s):

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Maybe you can try to tell your parents. You seem mature enough. And if they think you’re mature enough, they’ll leave you alone to stay home with your sister. 🙂

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You’re still a child, and if something should happen while you were home alone two, your parents would be blamed, there you are still a minor. Suck it. It’s only for one night.

Tom Reply
a babysitter is not how old you are. It is also about maturity and responsibility, and your parents better than anyone else how mature you know. You are most likely, at the age of 14, mature enough to stay together at home, but it’s really your parents decision, because they are your guardians. If you are going to try and convince them, reasonable and calm and mature about it.

Answer by Monica
you can explain this to your parents. You want just to ensure your security, I’m 17 and do not like to leave my parents alone at home!

Answer by Anonymous
Just as you can put it me think that you need a babysitter. But not one that just 2 years older than you. Ou being 14 and 11 as your sister I would sit down and tell your parents maturely: “Hey, I know you think I need a babysitter, but maybe we have a chance to me to show you, I can take care of myself and ______ could give “if you just throw a tantrum they ignore you. You need to show then you will understand, and to suggest otherwise. Compromise

Reply Giavonna
Aw. Now I was alone at home at a young age. Such as 8 or 9. I had a younger sister and I began to babysitting her when I was 10 or 11 ish. My parents basically just a babysitter when they will not be until late at home, or they were sleeping in someone’s home. So it was until I was 13ish. I think you should talk with your parents, and be mature about it. Tell them that you are 14 and you think that you are old enough to do not need a babysitter. One might even say to let you babysit tonight, and if it goes well, then they no longer have to call a babysitter.

response of Mya
I see your point. Not the part you stick in diapers. It was immature do not you think? If your parents you want to show in a position to be left alone for a few hours, you need to act this way. Throwing a tantrum is not the Weg.Ich think that would be a good opportunity to let you alone for a few hours when the restaurant in your town, and they are only a few miles away from the house. But, respect your sister. And you are fair. Sometimes (like the 16-year-old) the babysitter is bossy and then there’s trouble. So this is something you have to denken.Wäre it possible to sit for you and your sister and play a game together, or watch a show together, and it’s a school night. There are so many reasons your parents think that you are not ready. You need to show them that you are, and that made in times like these, has a couple of hours and they come home and find you did not try to cook or go out, you know what I mean, right? If your parents insist the girls come from next door, then the three you should have something to do together, playing a card game, color, watch a movie. She’s just there to make sure that you are sure you already have a mother.

response from Michelle
your parents get peace of mind from knowing that someone else is there with you. … Whether or not, I think it is fair depends on how late it you could sein.Vielleicht for dinner with your parents about how this sitter is always talking about. help, and you babying? See if they could re-word it. In a way that is more than they will help you to keep an eye on your little sister (The also “help” could be your little sister, less babied if this girl does not feel like the responsibility is 100% can be on it.) Has listen to your sister for you? If not, you might very well need someone else in the house. I was quite capable of staying home alone from that age. But as I have a 11 yr was 18 and babysitting old, the girl was really immature and rude.

Kandi answer
yes, that sounds kind of ridiculous. I’m 18 and have my sisters, who are 10 months younger than I am and 6 years younger than me, since I was 10 and other peoples children since I was 12 babysitting. But I already had a pair of red cross babysitting classes and adult, infant, and even pet cpr classes übernommen.aber the way you worded that does make you sound like an immature a brat. if you want to treat your parents like, you actually have to mature mature

Reply lib
you are definitely old enough to stay even, a few hours . Some 12 year olds are babysitting, so I think you should be able to remain self

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