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Posted in Working Mothers on 3rd November 2010

question of Chicko : I do not know how to tell my mother “no” ?
As short as I can explain it bad the situation: My biological mother was on drugs when I was a child. She was also an alcoholic. She had me in a different family because of their addiction. When I was growing up, had my (biological) mother you away from this evil addictive stuff straightened out and found God and wanted a relationship with me. My adoptive parents mom and dad did not want me to be close to her and they had their very good reasons to understand where i did not. Therefore, I felt they were just trying to keep me from the beginning my biological brother, sister and mother, I wissen.Als finally grown up and moved out, I knew that my mother and I could finally the relationship that we always missed and wanted . I had to forgive her and make it ready, how was it all meant. However, they ignored me. She would talk to me, but it would bail out if we were suppose to come together and put men first and this and that ….. I soon realized that really, despite not being a drug attic more they never really changed, and long my whole life, she had only ever be a # 1, even if the opportunity to see me grow up and make-up for the years we have had zusammen.Jetzt missed it in alcohol. I married and about! I was sick of the tears, the pain and broken hearts. I told her if she wanted to be in my life ….. then in her to be. Otherwise, on the way! She promised me she would be in it and it would prove to me this time for good. Well …. after my wedding, 3 months ago I had hardly heard of it havent. I have a lot of her thoughts, you missed out, tried everything in my power, our relationship funktioniert.GUT NOW! In turning 20 in January and suddenly I get this text message from her, and she wants to “my” house and come to cook for my birthday with her husband and his children and she says she misses me like crazy, and we need to hook and how to make it sooo much fun. I mean, I was like in shock. I didn’t answer her for 10 minutes and they still text me 5 times and said: “This is why i dont try because you blow me at any time, well, what Chicko!” And I told her: “I’m at work, we can talk about it later” and she said, “Oh ya sweetie, I could be in bed, but I love you and miss you ..” and all this Zeug.I dont feel they deserve my time or my birthday. Neither has my husband I do not know what to do or how to say it does not, without there being a hateful relationship or make them angry at me! Please help me Best Answer:

response of flora fauna * and *
your mother told you “no” in so many words over the years. You can choose to be absolutely sure of yourself and happy with those who have said “Yes, you, like your mother took her and her husband, etc. It’s okay to say what you say to your mother organic need. They deserve no blame. You can choose to have them in your life if you want, when you do not. It’s okay to say no. Do it and move on. You can then decide the rules and boundaries you need to be established with it. Save the best energy for the people you love and earn love and give you love. 🙂

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