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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of strathhavengirl : I “babysit” for a 3 / 4 year old and a 6 / 7 years old! Need Help?
Both the 3 / 4 year old and 6 / 7 year old girls. the 3 / 4 year old is still wearing diapers. Her mother works w / my mother, the mother chose me because she was very responsible and mature place. Iam often asked this girl for 3 + hours of babysitting. I have to do often run out of things because they want to do all the work, painting, etc. Iam trying find, cheap, easy, fun kits, crafts or craft / bordom buster ideas. I have to sing it even resorted Silly Songs. If someone could help me and give me good ideas possiblty for ativities for these girls, I would very schätzen.Bitte note, I can not drive Best Answer:

reply aparktodd
building a fortress to play dress up, bring your make-up and have “make over party fix a hair, Hide and Seek (keep the little ones with them) make puppets from small paper bags ….. Use your imagination find children in this age almost all fun.

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