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Posted in Babysitting on 14th April 2013

I’m 17 and wants a baby? why?
I understand I’m too young, not financially stable, or even emotional. All I want to know why I feel this way? I do not want a lecture on “You’re too young to be a hobby, try babysitting” I just want to know why I feel this way Best Answer (s):.

response from Adair
people caught freaking out on young girls who want babies, but I think it is of course a baby want, especially if you are young, fertile, and your are Hormones rage. Want does not mean trying to get pregnant. It’s just a lack, and it is ok. Her biological clock Ching was probably triggered. You might want to love, nurture and give an adorable baby. Some women are just maternal.

response from Itzpapalotl
It may just be that you have the idea, if a child want. There is nothing wrong with wanting children, and as long as you understand now is not the right time for you, then you should not be worried. You’re not alone, so do not fret.

response from mbyiddish
you completely healthy hormones, therefore. It does not necessarily mean that it relates to time for you, but as far as the nature, your body is ready to have children, so it is on the Herzen.Wie you are older, you are likely to begin to think about your future , married, and building a family. And that’s great! Stick to grow on things that are good for you and help you. In a few years, you have everything!

response from whatzup64
wow you sound just like me. I would love to have a baby. Do you have a friend or friends to hang out with maybe your feeling kinda lonely and you need to love something.

response from Daniel
also i can not really say why you geel so, but I can tell you. The normal or at least semi-normal I have an ex girlfriend who had a baby with 17 to her maternal “instincts” would only increase as you. it’s not just women who feel this way. I wanted a child and I am a 17 year old man I thought this is weird. I dont know. But I know it’s common to feel for women, too

means answer by Rogue Elephant
Probably, u better partner / company do than playing with the child. I think girls often think of babies when they need a partner. na?

response from australia girl ♥
let me tell you why I want (ed) a baby. First was younger than you when I was a baby. (I dont have a baby now) I had a horrible past, and I wanted a baby, so I would show my mother that I am able to educate a child and love him / her and not the things they have done to me. I wanted to show her that I would never do the things they did to me my child. I wanted to show her that before she gets old and dies. But then I realized that it was selfish, only one child because of this, so I’ll wait until the time is right, and I’m willing to haben.sage my own child with my husband you just my reasons, it can not indicate that you want a baby, only for the same reasons I did, but I hope I helped a little. Reproduce

answer by The-Massacred-One
its a natural instinct to want her in human nature, every girl goes to a stage or stages to want children have

response from Winchester666
hormones. You want to drive your body to reproduce. Without these hormones, we probably would not have children because we all know how expensive they are.

reply by Bernhard
because you are a girl and probably a good one. Do not go out there to get pregnant some retarded man (95 percent of men fit into this category!). Find someone nice, and despite what the trend is not as over the marriage is “necessary” if it is not keen to marry you, then he is a turd …. then he throw it your time will come.

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