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Posted in Child Care on 26th April 2013

How would you rate Obama’s presidency so far?
Wondering your opinions on how he’s been handling our country to fight … Best Answer (s):

response of Bad Elephant! Sit girl! Stay!
B + so far (although he was still 7 years) Obama and the Dems have more (well) done in 11 months than Bush did in eight years, the pubs

Reply Rick31
On a scale of 0! – 100, I would give it a 2

Reply Dr_knowital

response from BO the Magic jeep
He would an F no question.

Reply blackmule
Just a mite shy of a pitcher’s average power.

Reply by The Truth
C to C +

Reply Hello It’s me
S for scary

response of bar rack’m 0bama
Fiasko.Ich saw a homeless man sleeping under the overpass this morning. Quite sure that he could do better if given a chance. Could not possibly do worse!

Reply tfoley5000 I would
he has not made a lot of promises of a C-class, but he has made some good Accomplisments and he was honest when things are not going his way, but FOX NEWS and talk radio had got the best of him, so maybe a bit of a disappointment but he does his best, in my opinion His Goodenough.

Reply by Foxhound
I would rate it as fair, although it’s hard to say because we do not know too much about what he does, by the hour and day day basis. However, I believe Obama uses his knowledge and reason, difficult decisions that only he could be faced with as President erreichen.Er has successfully increased the U.S. out of a recession, that the former president of the nation came in. It is sad that the people still harp on Obama because he is not a Republican, and they make him out to be a socialist (ya right – learn what a socialist is first) In particular, the first black president, I think he will go down in history. as a benevolent force for the United States and the world in general. Yes, the leaders of the world’s sole superpower affect everyone around the world.

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