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Posted in Working Mothers on 24th November 2010

How would you feel about a “mother” like this?
She never wants to be around her kids, especially alone. She and her husband got divorced and he has them every other weekend, every other Thursday and every Tuesday. On the days she has the kids, she finds excuses to leave them with a babysitter or she’ll go to their grandma’s house with them then take off for hours. On the rare times she IS around them she yells at them and gets irritated. Actually, the only times we get to see her is when she comes to bring the kids in before she leaves.

She brings men in and out of her and the kids’ life and is now saying she’s going to marry one she’s only known for a few months. She blows off time with her children to go out with him and even lies about having to be at work to sneak away from the family.

BTW…this woman is an adult, in her late 30s.
The reason I ask is because these 2 kids are getting frustrated with never getting to see their mom and they cry when she wants to leave all the time. Which in turn makes her mad and causes her to argue with them. She expects everybody else to calm them down but we don’t think it’s fair that she makes everybody else do her disciplining.

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I’m just a teenager but I think she should spend time with her children and actually care for them and not make excuses to leave. that’s like realllyyy selfish and not mother-like.
the children should have a mom that actually cares about them

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