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Posted in Working Mothers on 26th October 2010

How would you feel about a “mother” like this?
She never wants to be around her kids, especially alone. She and her husband got divorced and he has them every other weekend, every other Thursday and every Tuesday. On the days she has the kids, she finds excuses to leave them with a babysitter or she’ll go to their grandma’s house with them then take off for hours. On the rare times she IS around them she yells at them and gets irritated. Actually, the only times we get to see her is when she comes to bring the kids in before she leaves.

She brings men in and out of her and the kids’ life and is now saying she’s going to marry one she’s only known for a few months. She blows off time with her children to go out with him and even lies about having to be at work to sneak away from the family.

BTW…this woman is an adult, in her late 30s.

The reason I ask is because these 2 kids are getting frustrated with never getting to see their mom and they cry when she wants to leave all the time. Which in turn makes her mad and causes her to argue with them. She expects everybody else to calm them down but we don’t think it’s fair that she makes everybody else do her disciplining.

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Answer by SWEETS
I WOULD KICK HER ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer by follwer of the Way
Well, I would feel hurt. However when someone is acting this way there is usually an underlying reason, hurt people, hurt people….My husband ex wife acted this way right before we found out she was on meth. We has custody of his daughter and she was very hurt as well. What I learned though is that until she (the ex) realized she needed help as asked for it we could do nothing but pray. And she was in her 30’s too. finally she asked for help, we got her into rehab and she is now 3 years sober, remarried and doing well. So don’t give up hope.

Answer by Christina V
Wow how very, very sad. How old are the kids? I have 4 sons and I have never wanted to be without them since they were born. Don’t get me wrong, I like to go out with my boyfriend and I need to be in my room alone some days too to decompress after work, but I can’t imagine spending so little time with them. Of course, mine are all teens now but when they were smaller it was very easy to get overwhelmed and I needed a lot more me time…maybe she is just stressed out and not handling it well? She will, however if she loves them like I do mine, regret missing time with them almost everyday if she doesn’t wise up soon…kids grow up very quickly and time seems to slip away.

Answer by snookems
well the women has issues, and the kids shouldnt have to suffer by being around her sounds like she doesnt want them anyhow. so if she groes up and relizes what she has then the kids should decide if they want anything to do with her then. my belief is she is worthless and doesnt deserve them. think about the emotional scars they will have from the way she treats them, they are better off without her and maybe some counceling good luck every kid deserves better.love is always the answer

Answer by joann j
that’s just not right. That mother is warping her kids minds. They are feeling unloved by her.She’s into only herself and her fun. Why have kids if you’re not going to want to be around them? She’s very selfish. I think I would have a talk with the dad and tell him what’s going on. Maybe he’ll stop making y’all go to her place. You should all talk to your dad. Tell him y’all feel unwanted at your moms place and she never tries to be with you but is instead always leaving. I think if that was my mom I would tell my dad that I wanted to stay home and never go over to moms. Maybe if it’s long enough that she doesn’t see you, she might change–but I doubt it. The only time I feel you and your mom will be close is when you and the other kids are grown. That’s so sad that the little kids cry and she gets mad about it.They only want their mom to notice them. I’m afraid y’all are in a hopeless situation when it comes to your mother and like I said I don’t think y’all will ever get to connect with her until you’re all grown. Since obviously your dad loves y’all just refuse to go to your moms. If your dad wants some time to himself then tell him you’ll take a baby sitter because you don’t want to go to your moms. I feel for all of you kids. I’m so sorry you don’t feel loved by your mom sweetie.

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