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Posted in Child Support on 3rd February 2011

How will Nadya Suleman financially support having 14 children ?
Will she now turn to our welfare stipends to help support the additional 8 babys, seeing how it appears there will be no “child support” from the father(s) ?

Does anyone have any facts on this ? Just curious.
I realize she had IVF, that’s why I mentioned “Child Support” in quotes.
I realize she had IVF, that’s why I mentioned “Child Support” in quotes.

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Answer by Fedup Veteran
The same person is the father of all 14 kids. According to the grandmother he wanted to marry her also, but she wanted the kids on her own.

I am sure that she will be getting assistance from the tax payers for her kids…I mean she can’t even live on her OWN! She has to live with Mommy and Daddy, and she can’t even get by with 6, how will she get by with 14!?!

She should be sterilized.

Answer by nicl
its the same guy for all 14 children and he wants to contact until he tells his wife about the babies and she said “no welfare” so I hope we the tax payers are paying her money just to go out have IVF again and get pregnant and I read somewhere that she is receiving a disability insurance check from a injury she had at her last job a mental institution about $ 357,798 dollars a yr for the next 6 yr so that will equal $ 4,964.42 a month.
That’s not enough to do anything with.

Answer by janice
She claims to be going to school to get a degree. I have no idea where she is getting the money, she hasn’t worked in several years(according to the news). She said she will get a job after she finishes school. With the recession sliding on, I don’t see how she is going to do that. I suppose Grandma will be at home babysitting, while Mom of the Year, goes to work. I guess she is getting some payment the media for the interviews she’s doing, but she’s not going to get the “loving” handouts that others have gotten.

Answer by kathy_is_a_nurse
Unless she is totally discredited, there will probably be offers for a book deal, interviews, even speeches that will help. IF… and that’s a big if in my mind… she goes on to finish her Masters that I understand she was close to being through, she will have some income. So it’s not impossible, if the woman is stable. Frankly, I can’t imagine that she is though.

Answer by popeyetcj
she had some sort of insurance settlement for something like 180k. However that may have been spent on getting pg. She claims to have some sort of church willing to support her? what kind of church would want to get behind this woman believing she is doing the “right thing”. She needs help and I think child services needs to keep a watchful eye on her and the kids.

Answer by Winsome Wanda
She has a huge settlement she got for hurting her back at her previous job…..my question is “How can she take care of 14 children if her back is hurt so bad that she can get disability for it?”

Answer by rubysan
This subject boils my blood to no end. I did answer it before. I will say the grand parents should have been more hard on her before and say you have to find a way to do this on your own. Her mother looks like a fruit cake herself putting her daughter down on tv. If you don’t like the situation why did you continue to do it. Somebody who has a back problem and continues to have children. I know from experience that back problems and pregnancy don’t go together. Grandma was the primary caregiver of the kids. Who is in the stupidity coma? The Mother or Grandmother? The kids will be suffering from a not caring care giver. If there is a show with I won’t be watching it.

Answer by jpetercock
she won’t, we all (taxpayers) will. what a stupid B

Answer by wyowaressecretsis
has anyone read up on the cost of IVF?? i’m sure any stipend she got from her “on the job” injury has been used up by having MULTIPLE IVF and other fertility treatments… this woman is a NUT CASE…

she wanted tons of children, because she thought her own childhood was dysfunctional… WTF??? so you had a crappy childhood, and now you are going to raise your 14 kids with your mother and father, who gave you your own dysfunctional childhood… can we say CRAZY?

and since she is too injured to work… i’m certain that she will be collecting some sort of state or government stipend… welfare, unemployment, food stamps, WIC, etc… i said to a coworker weeks ago, sounds to me like she’s just another welfare mom looking to have as many kids as she can to collect more and more money from the state… you know the more kids you have the more money you collect…

or maybe she was going for a guiness record, so she could cash in on the kids… you know join the circus… or have another “jon and kate plus 8” show… write a book… kids for cash is turning into a big business…

maybe that makes me heartless… but i think the docs that gave her 8 embryoes (or even 6; because 2 of them split into twins)… should be investigated… WHY would they think it was a good idea to give MORE children to a woman who is single, not working, and already has 6 kids under the age of 7??? it seems pretty unethical to me…

i hope the kids turn out ok… but with a mother like that… who knows…

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