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How Spanish possessive pronoun use?
I missed a day of class. We have a quiz tomorrow. Can you tell me the basic guidelines, like possessive nouns used as .. Wed tu su nuestro vuestroMuyo tuyo suyamis status sus nuestros vuestros .. blah blah Best Answer (s):

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MI casa – my Haustu casa – Your HausSr: su casa Lord; your HausEste it libro million = this book is mineEste libro it tuyo – this is bool deinMis hijos – my SöhneTus hijos your SöhneSrs: sus hijos Lord thy sons (samething in vuestros) Nuestros hermanos – our brothers

response from kamelåså
There is no such thing as “possessive”. Some of you are listed and others are possessive pronouns Adjektive.Sie work pretty much like the English, but in Spanish, they must agree in gender and number with its associated noun. “My father,” “mi padre” and “my mother” is “mi madre”. But if you say: “My sons,” it must be “mis hijos” be. The adjectives found to show a-s, it is one of the plural modify it. “Wed”, “tu”, and “su” only in Plural.Aber “nuestro” and “vuestro” have additionally to the gender of the noun they belong agreed: “Our friend (female)”, “nuestra amiga” “Our friend (male)”: “”. “nuestro amigo Our friends (women only)”: “nuestras amigas” “Our friends (male or a mixture of female and male) “:”. nuestros amigos “possessives are almost as in English. replace structures of the form possessive adjective + noun Thus “Mi amiga” of “Mia” (there is no “Muyo”, as you would in your area list) should be replaced, “tu amiga” by “tuya”, “mi amigo” by . “million”, “status amigas” from “Tuya” A lot of times, these pronouns appear on an article: “las Mia”, “los suyos”, “el nuestro”, etc.

Reply Al Mull
Wed / mis = possessive yo (my) The shape of the s is for Plural.Tu / status = possessive of TU (you know / informal) su / sus = possessive of EL, ella , usted, ellos, ellas, ustedes (him, her, you formal, they, they formally plural) Nuestro / nuestros = possessive our, männlichNuestra / nuestras = possessive our, feminineVuestro follows similar RegelnMi it libro rojo. (My book is red.) Mis primos comicos son. (My cousins ​​are funny.) El hermano de mis primate (the brother of my cousin): su hermano (her brother) Nuestros Cuadernos son negro. (Our laptops are black.) Muyo = mineTuyo = dirHoffe that was relatively helpful!

response from RE you
was to have perhaps been missing for a day, but the use of possessive pronouns and adjectives was not taught in only one day. You must have been asleep or not paying attention. I’m sure your textbook covers the subject in detail.

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