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Posted in Toddlers on 31st October 2010

question of Maybee : How to stop toddlers’ raspberrying “
How do we stop our 3yr old from “raspberrying”? It was funny at 6 mo and although they stopped, she has recently started again at 6 mo so I thought it was a precursor of language. But recently she started to do it’s not funny now again.It. The adults in her life frown and say No, Patty, is not that nice. OR No Patty, we here do not spit. That is not polite. Then it tried a few times and then realizing, people ignore them. Any better tips on how to prevent it? I make suggestions time out, not so sure that had Best Answer:.

reply TenaciousD
I had to laugh this question because my 1-year-old loves to do this. I’m pregnant and he especially loves it on my belly to do. I think because we do him. It’s so annoying when everything he does to the air or on me, because I need glasses and I usually clean it. I got a cold wet washcloth and put it to his mouth when he does it. I have this idea because he has wiped his mouth after eating hates. It ticks him enough he holds in his rule, or at least get away from me. It does not bother me as long as I do not spit. I left it on my raspberry just not to me or others so maybe he can get his fix and get this way, not to spit. Hoffe, dass

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