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Posted in Working Mothers on 23rd May 2013

How to stop hating myself for my daughter?
Every time I see mothers with their infants (mean when I she is 3 years old) i rip and think I’m a terrible mother or was “mother” I can not seem to not let it bother me and I am so much anxiety in the future if I’m still a baby I will have to do the same. I got pregnant when I was 18 and gave her up for adoption for a better life for the cause of the problems with not having money or support to a child, but I think you consistently fight and the decision I made to increase. I honestly regret it and I do not know how to heal. I can not move forward in life. I’m still not stable, what so ever, because I have been afraid to have a better life, and I do not know why. Maybe because I do not want my daughter to grow up and ask me, why did not you care about me, when you could have a house and everything. it would kill me. It’s like I think everyone will think that for making causes decision that all my other friends have their children and when I hang out with them I wish I had it and I sorta know what I have done, I am a bad mother and they tell me it I do not want to leave her. So I feel more n more like shit Best Answer (s):.

answer by Forever
your decision was completely selfless, cant you see that? You could have ended the pregnancy and ended this precious life, you did not. She endured pregnancy, binding to the little life in you and the agony of delivery, all with the knowledge that you do not rest in the fruits of your hard work. You knew that you do not deserve the life of this child, so she gave the child a better chance, the chance to grow in the heart of another woman. Their actions were completely selfless. Mom, you have the one thing that every child asks a parent, you do your best at the expensive of your grief. Because of your unselfishness, your character and your incredible strength, you have your baby be blessed abundantly. You are not a terrible mother, you’re not even a bad mother, you’re a mother who sacrificed her heart to her daughter the best things in life.If you are ready to have another child, you will not do the same. They will be more careful, more aware and more experienced. You will love it, and your parents to accept second child to the best of your ability and him / her to the best life. You will tell them when they are old enough to her sister, and how much you loved her. You agree that you were not ready then a mother, you have the best thing you could have done. You appreciate your child and your child to be the child that you graciously for adoption schätzen.Bitte, do not hesitate to regret your decision. Their decision was selfless born in the rarest form of love, even if you just think about what you could not do or provide. Even if your thoughts centered on your inability to be a parent, could be canceled, but you have not done so. This is love Mommy, even if you did not, or do not notice it. You’ve got your daughter a better chance, because you are not willing to care for them. If you owe them something, it’s good to do for themselves, in their honor. Let her memory to motivate you to get the best life insurance you can make for yourself. For your daughter, the best person you can be assured sein.Um to help you cope, write letters to her in a journal that you can give her when the two of you will ever meet. Tell her about your thoughts of her, their struggles with this decision and your life, and how much you love and regret this decision. Poor your heart out in this magazine or magazines. Tell her that you will make a better life for themselves. Then they show that you are not doing it for nothing that you have made yourself. She put her up for adoption because you were not ready to be a parent, show her that you have that right to do what you need to do to the person that you wanted them to have had to be a mother. their friends are wearing. Your only obligation is to take this opportunity to make life for yourself that you wanted them.

Reply winterwise
” We are neither east or west, we stand in front” For a first time mother is probably a scar too deep to heal. Although it must be, but it is better to live in the future than in the past grieving. It could be worst. In America, a CCTV shooting took place killing 20 children. Imagine how difficult it was for parents to know that a normal day at school their loved ones is called at work, knowing her child was murdered getötet.Loslassen is soooo hard, but you can” t live your life so anymore.Its true that your daughter could make you crazy, but think about it, you gave it a chance, a chance to live their life to its limits, a chance to make their dreams come true, an opportunity for a better Leben.Man feels like this can really kill. I know a few syndromes you can through your feelings and some many of them are life-threatening. Would rather prefer to know that she is safe and healthy, under the same roof with people they love? They say this is a mistake you regret, so try to make sure that you never do anything like this again fell. Your either your dead or alive or happy, so you will not regret it. You do not have to spend the rest of your life with regret or despair Mouring like Ms. Havisham, live your life to the fullest.

answer by Joan
you’ve done it for a good reason. as you said you had no money, so how can you raise a child without money. You are not a terrible mother because you did it for the best of your daughter. She made a selfless decision. do not tell your friends about that they wish that they not be given away because they do not experience the situation, you always think that in and also because it is at least initially looked after

response were heard of PURPLE
you did the right thing for them at the time.Now that you do better with your life, try to contact the people who adopted her and try to stay in contact with them to ensure that your daughter is the good life that you sought for their

response from Serene E
you gave her all the best reasons -. for they have a better life because you were not able to raise her right.

Reply Liteyes
Look not on offer her something to do in your head you think people are judgeing you. If they told you they wanted then please youtell It hurts enough. You need to start on your health, you will be sick and then make some oneand get prgnant then again it would not be good, so either you take care of yourself or fix your self or just stop and say, if you people yes, it would be nice to see, but remember that your education and doing evertything for the child. No money working too much medicine. If the baby is sick who would help. etc. .. that shoudl stop you want

answer of seven I suggest you use this time to make the most of your life – travel, go to school, hard work – do the things you do that can not so easily if you have to take care of children. Might help if you feel better about your decision.

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