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Posted in Babysitting on 13th November 2010

How to start babysitting?
My friend and I both want to start our own babysitting “business” together. Both girls, I’m 14 and she’s 13 (almost 14), going into 9th grade. I’ve taken a babysitting class before (so I learned CPR), however my friend has not. I’ve babysat my neighbors a couple times and my little brother, but that’s it.

So for advertising, I was just going to print off some flyers and put them up in my dance studio since there’s a ton of moms and little kids that dance there.

I was wondering how else to get the word out about our babysitting business? And also, since there’s two of us, how much should we charge? And for example, do we tell the clients $ 4 per hour each OR $ 8 per hour total? Any advice would be helpful, thanks.
Also, we were going to call ourselves “S.O.S. Sitters”…Thoughts on the name?

And what should we include on the flyer?
Sorry, so many questions!

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Answer by (: Curious ALL the time 🙂
Hi:) I also did the same as you.
Post flyers around homes & stores.
I got hired MANY times at : care.com & sittercity.com (it’s free!!)
Post ads on kijiji.com (also free)
I went door to door saying If they need a babysitter.
I charge $ 4.00 an hour (just me)
You should charge $ 10.00 for the first hour or so then charge less.
You should charge around $ 5.00-$ 8.00 .
Yes you should put that name. I like it.
Good luck and hope I helped.

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