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Posted in Child Care on 5th May 2014

How to restore gum loss for a child?
My son is 2 years old and he has been picking at his teeth with his fingernails making his gums bleed. I thought maybe it was just a bad habit because he was doing it for a little while, but then I looked into his mouth and realized he had these white/yellow sores/ulcers on the gumline of two of his bottom teeth. Then I looked under his top lip and where his two front teeth are, the gums, well they look like they are gone (or pushed upward), is the best way I can explain it. You can see the root of the tooth. The teeth are not loose, but you can see where the gum is supposed to grow.
What is this? And what is causing this to happen? I never noticed this before, and you wouldn’t if he just smiled at you or talked to you, without actually getting in there and looking under his lips.
It happened so rapidly, and I hope that there is something that the dentist can do.
Will the gums heal and be restored with treatment? And if so what would they use on a child? We do brush his teeth together and I feel so bad as a parent for not catching this sooner.
Thanks if you could answer this for me. I would sincerely appreciate it.

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Answer by tigerg33
hes young so hopefully it will grow back. i know for adults you cant grow your gums back.

Answer by thatartistwin
I have a good friend who is a dentist…..my sister has gum loss too (receding). For adults that is not reparable by any great degree except minimally through surgery. However, your son is very young and he has yet to even develop his gums to any significant degree. I feel certain that will repair itself. The REAL issue is why he is doing it and how to stop him from doing it. Possibly his gums are itching from teething. Do you know about Ambusol and other over the counter gum numbing gels? In addition, you have to learn great tooth brushing techniques: You should always brush from the top of the gum down and not “up and down” pulling the gum away from the teeth. He will be fine…..but take him for dental care often. My parents died at 85 and 89 with ALL their real teeth in perfect condition. My mom was a stickler for brushing and flossing

Answer by FaeryWatcher
Talk to him…and tell him you’re all going to substitute soft & sweet snacks with carrot sticks. GO TO YOUR MARKET AND BUY THE BEST YOU CAN AFFORD. (I get the small ones, already prepped & in a bag to grab and chew on.
& YES, GET HIM TO A DENTIST…Also, buy him one of those RUBBER picks at the drugstore that’s his alone! Show him how he’s to use it to MASSAGE his gums (what’s left of them). Then, tell him how important it is for him to drink lots of water, and FLOSS after eating ANYTHING—even those carrots.
Good Mom…stay ON IT! Do you have a dental university within 30 miles?…Because, they’ll accept him for “Comprehensive Care”…just because it’s an unusual situation—and would be a good learning tool for the students. Some people have misconcepetions about these schools…the Professor checks out everything they do and if it isn’t PERFECT, they have to REDO it. This way, you’ll get the BEST dental work EVER!

Answer by La Cucaracha
Please take him to a doctor or dentist soon as possible. Sometimes things that are happening in the body manifest themselves in the gums and teeth.

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