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Posted in Child Support on 26th July 2012

How to “register” non-residency?
i’m an 18 year old student & (according to the laws in my state) will be receiving “child support” as long as i continue my education. I plan on moving from my moms to a homeless shelter ASAP… in that transition, how do i legally register that new address or “non-address” (homelessness) so to speak. point being… as long as i live at home, my financial support (child support) goes to my guardian. i found that if i am no longer legally considered “dependent”, i become the direct beneficiary. this is the goal… SO LIKE, HOW DO I GO ABOUT THE PAPERWORK & IMPLEMENTATION.?? THANKS!

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Answer by Goth Farmer
Some homeless shelters have an address they allow you to use while there-others do not. It won’t be the actual address of the shelter, they’ll have an address just for the homeless staying there to receive mail and a separate one for the actual shelter correspondence.

First you need to find out if the shelter your at allows you to get mail there, and if so they will provide you with the address you can use. Then you just fill out a change of address form, you can pick one up at any post office.

If they do not have an address you can use, you can arrange for General Delivery Service for up to 30 days. To do this you need to contact the local postmaster and find out which post offices in your area provide General Delivery Service and inform them that you will be receiving mail as a general delivery customer. Then you need to inform anyone who you wish to receive mail from to send it to: your name, General Delivery at the post offices address. Some agencies may refuse to send you mail this way-Social Services is one of these, I don’t know if the agencies that regulate child support will or not. DO NOT tell them you are homeless, they will make it very hard for you to do this if you tell them that. Lie, say your staying with a friend for a few weeks or something.

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