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Posted in Working Mothers on 1st November 2010

question of average_alien : How to handle a 27 year old GF who still behaves like “Mama’s Girl” ?
We are together for 2 years, and about to get married in 2 months.However, it is still strongly attached to her mother, and behaves like a “Mama’s Girl.” Her mother was very difficult possessive.She with their “departure” . Especially in the last 1 year when we were both (me and my wife) to some other country.Her mother like crazy all day moaning on the phone “I feel let down,” “I can not without my little girl live, “etc.When we visit once / twice per year (for 4 weeks), her mother is not cheap cinema. (ex: non-stop crying) And it starts to works.My lady guilty everything.All I hear, feel is their mother.She is all matters.Even when we make decisions, her mother “appears” everywhere.Plus, hours daily phone calls with her mother, she spent holidays with her mother.She mainly behaves like that from their mother . When I say “STOP” is married, they get abusive, protects her mother (“Center of the Universe”) I have calmly discussed with them, but no good results Best Answer:..

Reply by Zane
First, you need a long talk with her, tell her I told you once for the first time in her life, until you all have children who is the mother of you. If it does not accept this, then tell her your not getting married until you go to counseling premarrital 2, they will help. And if that does not work, tell her luck looking for a man to marry her and her MOMMA !!!

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