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Posted in Child Support on 30th December 2010

How to get child support in Arizona

When in the center of a divorce, the children are often the most affected ones. They find it hard to adjust to the changes and acceptance can be difficult. Divorce is often a long, drawn out process and very often there can be a struggle between the parents involved over custody of the minor children. There are times wherein temporary safekeeping of the children can be ordered or mediated. This process can be complicated and a Tempe child support lawyer may be needed to help parents understand the proceedings with regards the momentary custody of their child.

A provisional child support can be ordered by judge and a Arizona child custody lawyer will show you its effects and further repercussions to the parents or their client. Many things can come into play determining why a temporary child support or custody order may be given. This can be due to the salary and assets, the cost of living required for the child and even the custody is a factor. There are many varying factors and the rules and laws may vary in each state.

Occasionally, the COLA or the Cost of Living Adjustment Clause is also taken into consideration when a parent files for the provisional support. The Arizona child support attorney could make this as good grounds for the court to review the basis of the custody. In child support, COLA is required because the living cost of children increases as they age. Although this could be a grounds for gaining temporary child support, there are other states wherein this can be void and the lawyers can’t use this as a reason.

As soon as temporary child support is approved, it will take effect immediately and both parties are given copies of the order. There are times wherein an emergency temporary custody is ordered when the parent is just not maintaining the verbal and formal agreements created by all parties. This is when a Tempe child support lawyer can be very helpful in representing you in court.

Possibly if there’s a temporary child support, you can also find situations wherein it may be permanent particularly when the result resulting from circumstances that will have a long effect. A temporary support is usually permanent if you experience a change of job, a surging increase in the living cost, as well as the disability of the parent that has the custody of the child. Temporary child support on the other hand is also applicable if your illness is short-term as a result of emergencies and when there is a brief problem in regards to economics.

Still if you do not have the proper documentation available when preparing for court there could be a much more expensive process involving a much longer litigation. A Phoenix child support lawyer who is experienced in these cases can greatly reduce the expense and time needed in the legal process.

Similar to other family law matters, it is better to take the initiative. This will allow you more time to evaluatewhat is in the best interests of your children. You will need the extra time to help prepare and build your case. This is often much better than to be late and respond to all allegations.

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