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Posted in Child Care on 1st January 2011

How to find good child care

As any of the moms in the crowd reading this will agree, motherhood is something of an awe inspiring, life changing moment that really cannot be accurately described in words.  Although we treasure motherhood in such a way it is now almost a way of life that every family have both parents working at jobs.  Having both parents hard at work can be especially tough for new parents and the question I often hear is how do I find good child care?

I recommend a couple of different strategies for parents looking to snag the best child care in their area and so long as you follow these fairly simple techniques you should be able to narrow the choices down substantially.  When advising parents on who to choose I recommend focusing on three core areas, curriculum, security and comfort.  So long as you feel comfortable with those three categories it should be easy to select the best child care in your area.

When it comes to curriculum for your child I almost always suggest that parents find a center that provides a developmentally appropriate, child led curriculum.  Essentially what this means is that during the day your child will be exposed to a multitude of different learning styles and participate only in those activities that they lead and want to participate in.

Security is in my mind quite possibly one of the most important aspects for new parents since leaving your child with anyone is just not an option.  Look for a child care center that offers webcam services for you to login from work or school and see what happens.  The extra benefits of having webcams means teachers stay on their toes and you can see what is going on.

Comfort is a tricky one but something I feel is important nonetheless since you have to feel comfortable with your center.  Make sure you get warmth and loving feeling from the moment you walk in.  You really want to look for a child care center that has warm colors and not a clinical type feel to it.

So when you finally go out looking for the best child care follow my tips but most importantly listen to your instincts and never settle for second best.


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