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Posted in Babysitting on 20th August 2011

How to Find a Baby Sitter That Matches Your Baby Sitting Budgeted Allowance

Parents want to find a baby sitter for various reasons. What happens if you have to go out of town, but also have to leave the kids? You know you’re going to spend a lot on your business trip or holiday with your spouse, so what can you do to keep your kids safe while on a budget? You have a lot of options.

You’re going to have to find a baby sitter that matches your babysitting budgeted allowance-one choice you have is to start a babysitting co-op. What this means is you and other parents (typically and ideally around your neighborhood) form a babysitting service together. Here’s how it works: you baby sit their children and they baby sit yours without charge. There could be more than 10 members in your co-op. Usually, one has to spend just a very small amount (less than ) each year to be a member. This is to pay for administrative costs such as making copies of tip sheets and medical forms. Other co-ops are based on points, where a parent is able to request for more babysitting services if he or she has baby sat more times before. Each time a member requires a sitter, a representative or assistant of the co-op will search for other available members who may be willing to baby sit at a particular time.

Other than co-ops there are very basic ways to save on babysitting services. You first need to establish when you need a babysitter and exactly for what responsibilities. Do you require an occasional or regular babysitter? Will the sitter’s schedule with your family fixed or “on-call”? Rates will vary greatly, therefore, you should know what service matches best with your family.

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask exactly how much you have to pay for the babysitting service offered. Make sure you find a baby sitter who will provide you with a breakdown of all the costs involved. Determine who’s going to handle transport and if the number of children you have will require additional payment.

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