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Posted in Child Care on 11th January 2012

How To Determine Your Child Care Provider’s Qualifications In Nevada
When parents first begin looking for a child care provider, their biggest concern is usually the qualifications of the facilities and the staff. In the state of Nevada, any child care center that provides services for five or more children under the age of 18 must be licensed. This ensures the safety of the children and provides parents with piece of mind.

What are the Characteristics of a License?

Any child care licenses within the state of Nevada will have several characteristics. First, it should be displayed on the premises in a public area. The license will contain the following information: name of owner or operator, license number, location of the facility, number and age of children, type of facility, days and hours of operation.

Why Use a Licensed Child Care Provider?

First, it is illegal within the state of Nevada to operate a child care facility without a license. Beyond that, there are a host of reasons including regulations on square footage, safety inspections, sanitary guidelines, insurance, curriculum, and stringent requirements for the staff. Parents also have the assurance that someone else is monitoring the child care provider for compliance with these requirements. Being licensed by the state provides a big brother aspect for child care centers.

Qualifications for Employees of Licensed Providers

The staff is the most critical component of any child care provider. The licensing requirements by the state of Nevada mandate certain qualifications for the staff. First, all employees must undergo a background check by submitting for fingerprinting. In addition, employees must undergo specific training, including classes for CPR, first aid, SIDS, signs of illness, recognizing and reporting child abuse and a general child development class.

How to Investigate a Child Care Provider

The license of a child care provider can also indicate when a provider does not comply with the regulations set down by the State of Nevada. In addition to confirming the license existence, the Bureau also provides information on inspections and complaints. Parents can also contact the local office and ask to speak to the surveyor assigned to the facility for more information.

Because of the stringent requirements enforced by the state of Nevada, it is an excellent idea to make sure that any facility entrusted with a child is licensed. If there are any additional concerns, parents can make a quick visit to the website for the Bureau of Services for Child Care or a call to the local surveyor.

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