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Posted in Toddlers on 5th September 2011

How To Create a Toddler Safe Home

Is your home toddler safe? A toddler is a ball of energy that loves to rush around exploring. A house can be a wonderful place for toddlers to let loose and entertain themselves. Unfortunately toddlers aren’t always aware of the dangers that can lurk in their surroundings. There may be open electrical sockets, vases to knock over, sharp corners, cables to trip on, toxic chemicals and many other accidents waiting to happen.

A toddler may innocently cause them self an injury and accidents are common amongst this age group. Damage to furniture, surfaces and expensive household goods that are costly to repair and clean can also be avoided by spending some time making sure your house is toddler safe. How can you make your home toddler safe? It will save you money and time having a toddler safe home and will also give you peace of mind.

Knowing your home is relatively safe for your toddler will be help you relax when your toddler is running round letting off steam. Firstly keep climbing opportunities to a minimum. Toddlers love to explore the world that is out of reach. If they can find a way to get up and explore what lies beyond their usual restricted boundaries, they will take it. Try and keep items such as chairs, stools and ladders in a safe place. Do not leave things lying around that can pushed over or pulled off a ledge. Good examples being glasses, kitchen utencils, bookcases and ornaments.

Do not leave things trailing down, such as cables, as toddlers love to see what happens when things are pulled. Toddlers love to put things into holes, such as sockets and video recorders, so keep holes covered. Use child safety devices whenever possible. Grills, child safety locks, corner protectors, non-slip mats and safety film for glass can all help to reduce safety hazards in your home. I hope you have found this article useful and it helps you to create a toddler proof home.

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