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Posted in Child Support on 11th May 2011

How To Calculate Child Support Payments With Child Support Payment Calculators

As soon as the word divorce is breathed, parents are often engaged in a battle of emotions involving child custody and child support.  Often, the anger over the separation is enough to make these battles heated and the fear that any parent would have of losing custody of their child can make it difficult to come to terms.

In the back of any non-custodial parents mind is the burning question of just how much child custody they will have to pay.

One very helpful tool is a child support payment calculator.  When using them, keep in mind that there are always clauses at the bottom, which indicate that the amount being quoted is not necessarily what you will be granted.  These child support payment calculators are informational only and can be a good way to get an average of expected child support payments.

Child support is dictated differently in every state.  Some states may only require you to list your gross income while others may require full disclosure of everything from net assets, investments and retirement accounts to potential bonuses or tips.  It is your responsibility to enter accurate information as reported on federal income taxes.  Some parents have purposely quit their jobs in order to have lower child support payments mandated.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work because the courts have the right to factor payments on potential earnings from your field.  Furthermore, any future earnings that amount to substantially more can be used as a means of appealing child support payment should the custodial parent seek more financing.

The most helpful child support calculators are ones that enable you to enter the largest amount of figures possible.  This way, you can get a firm grasp of the numbers that are likely used by courts and attorneys to settle child support payments.  Additionally, remain aware that a large gift to a child or providing them with new clothes etc does not reduce child support payments.  Even if you and your spouse have discussed this ahead of time, you have to be sure you send the proper amount of monies according to your schedule to avoid the possibility of future problems or punitive proceedings.

It is also wise to check with the child support guidelines as set forth by the Federal government when using a child support payment calculator.  Each state has leeway as to how their laws are carried out, but they must follow a formula based on income ranges and the number of children involved.  Your local, family law attorney should be very aware of these rules and regulations.

Lots of non-custodial parents wonder what happens if they just can’t pay.  They see the future on the child support payment calculator and wonder how they will support themselves and their children.  The best defense to this is to try to have compassionate and level headed discussions with your spouse.  They should already be aware of how much you earn and your debt.  Bear inmind that it is never good for any child to see their mother or father suffering to pay their bills and feed themselves.  The best interests of the child are met with child custody payments that benefit all parties involved.

When a mother and father can agree on terms, the courts are more likely to accept them.  However, when mediation and knock down drag out fights ensue, the local courts are forced to hand down orders set forth in the child support guidelines for your state.  In other words, if you use a child support payment calculator and are certain that you will be unable to pay – have level headed, honest and mature negotiations with your spouse before proceeding to the court system.

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