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Posted in Babysitting on 24th September 2011

How to be the Best Babysitter

Do you want to be your neighborhood’s best babysitter? Then you need to put in hard work in order to earn such a coveted title! If you prove to your families that you are great at watching their children, then you will be called often and you will make more money!

1) You need to know if you are cut out for the world of baby sitting. Do you consider yourself a mature individual that likes children?  Can you handle a large amount of responsibility? Are you good at time management? If you are a busy individual that does not have a flexible schedule or who prefers to fill any free weekend moments hanging out with your friends, then you need to reconsider whether or not you should have this job. It is fine to be busy but if you are serious about being a great babysitter, you need to make yourself available for interested families.


2) Once you know you have the time and the motivation to be a sitter, then you need to acquire the necessary skills. Take classes through your local community center or at the American Red Cross babysitting in your area. These courses teach you the basic about child development, how to care for children of different ages, what to do in an emergency, and how to interview for a sitting job.

3) Get the job! You need to let the families for whom you are interested in sitting that you are someone they should consider the next time they need to hire a care taker for the evening. Post your profile online on some babysitting websites or post fliers at a nearby elementary school or place of worship. Ask your parents to ask their co-workers. The more people you contact, the more likely you will be called!

4) When you go for the interview/ trial sitting, dress appropriately and demonstrate that you are a mature, responsible individual. Be yourself!

5) Once you have the job, make sure you do it well. If the children do not like you, you most likely will have a hard time sitting for this family in the future. Bring a first aid kit and some fun babysitting games (check with the parents first to make sure they approve) and ideally, everyone will have a great night!

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