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Posted in Babysitting on 11th November 2012

How should I about to leave my husband go?
(I am 33, I have been married for 12 years and have 2 children aged 6 and 9). A month ago I told my husband that I wanted a divorce (he’s a cop, he works nights, he never helps me, the children, or anything else for that matter, evil I did and I’m in love with him.) He is the only one that works, mostly because he sits down and makes me leave any job that I start, because it cuts into his life and he has to actually stir a finger to help me, and he does not want ” babysit “the children! He refuses to move, to “six or eight months from now, if he can save enough money.” Legally, I can not leave him, because we are still married, and he is not abusing me (physically). Let me add that he had an affair 1 1/2 years with a young fellow cop for 4 months. I would not mind that much that he is still there, but he keeps trying to convince me to stay married (and have sex with him, because “where else he will get”), and my mind is made ! My children and I deserve better! He is a Polizist.Egal how much he annoys me, I’m not having sex with him. He’s like “come on baby” until I “no” and say, he walks into a room and slams the door. I wanted to let you all know that I do not give into him. And thank you all for your replies and concerns Best Answer (s):

response from lifeislove
call the police!

response from Justlookin
Consult is a lawyer, there are plenty of free advice. Where I come from, he has no choice in the matter, he once asked to leave. If this is not the case where you are, then your only option would be to leave the house itself. Remember, too, that he has to pay child support out of the moment. Best of luck!

response from jennypoo803
simply his life miserable. His clothes begin to disappear … He has nothing to eat. The bed is not comfortable, because the children are toys under the seat cushion. Only to sabotage everything.

response from Zenza
Perhaps it would be better to leave with the children. Did you go somewhere? Her parents, perhaps?

response from Jack I’m assuming you already tried
family counseling route? If that does not go, and you really see no option to speak with an attorney who you on what you can do legally.

response from jacquelinebrns advise
If you really want out, then you should take steps to get out. Instead of leaving him to find a job so you can support your children. Then to find somewhere to live on their own. You need to look for a reliable babysitter because if you or he leaves you still need help to leave with the children. Good Luck honey.

response from PermDude
absolute consult an attorney. You need this guy, you do not get him out teletext.When can, then you must go.

response of object
You are the woman, I’m pretty sure that every lawyer with half a brain could: 1). Get a Scheidung2.) Get the house (and the car (s)) 3) Get) the Kinder4.) Obtaining half of his money (or more) 5. Make him you’re serious ausziehen.Wenn call a lawyer is, the legal system strongly favors women in these cases.

response from Rie-rie you
ever seen Waiting to Exhale Angela Bassett? Sorry. You need to find a lawyer and behind us. If you explain your situation a few lawyers what she is more than willing to help. Even friends or family help, people you. Have to say

response from spankybaby68 Authentic
first I, I’m sorry. Done there. My ex told me that if I ever leave, I would never put my children again. Well guess wut, I left him. I have the kids, the house, the car and the two bank accounts, but I have also been proven to abuse and Ehebruch.Wenn you can prove adultery, then go to submit an application for separation and a judge to give temporary relief. There is not a chance you get to keep your home, but u never know, the judge will more than likely not work since u that it will be in the best interests of children, to leave u in the home. If that does not completely ignore him to the point that it’s very uncomfortable. Should not cook for him, his clothes, be there to support him, I nichts.Habe not having an affair, which is never the solution and will only make him angry enough to u in a divorce gehen.Ich wish u good luck nobody forced to be in a home with someone she does not love you can leben.Wenn to prove his affair, then it is the router, I would have to go.

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