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Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question from Colts Mama : How old was your child when the child care center as him / her a baby ?
Do the tuition fees go at all? I just want to know what is the average per-day care, if they consider him a baby? I looked in another and 12 months. But he is only 15 Monaten.Haben change much in the “toddler” room? Did you notice her or does not affect it at all is I’m wondering. Colten baby seems to love teaching. I’m afraid, because if he goes to the baby she had met but Raum.Ich. She does seem nice Best Answer.

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My oldest son was an infant at 1 and the prices remained the same. My younger two are in day care and home prices will only drop of $ 5 if they are potty trained. My oldest son was fine until he left the 2-year-old room and then he had a terrible experience, and it was a lot of overcrowding, until we looked at another daycare. I think we as parents rather than a problem with them changing rooms it. Especially when they go to another room with some of her friends.

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