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Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question from Barbara C : How old must a little girl to wear “jewelry” sure ?
My brother and sister-in-law just adopted a 2, 3, and 4-year-old girl (3 separate children’s pool), whose parents were killed in a terrible slump at home. For your privacy, I will not discuss ist.Nun where that happens, give the whole community and churches together, Furniture, All types of toys, baby / toddler “equipment” and clothing! Well, my question is where comes in, I am a jeweler and artist and want to “dress up” some of the outfits a bit. I made hats, headbands and hair bows. Now I need to know (I’ve never had a child, if you do not say!) The following: (All materials are non-toxic) 1 When a child can safely have taken a zipper pull on the jacket (to be soldered)? 2 When a child can safely take a small pin on a dress that has a special pen on the back, which has one, has wear “Parental Control?” [It is so safe, I could not get it off!] 3 When a child can safely wear a bracelet elastic (again all non-toxic “Beads”?) 4 What type of large bead (such as wood 1 “diameter”) necklace can make me a child and at what age can wear it? Can you imagine a “safe” way, so it is “simply publish?” If anyone has any SAFETY children jewelry, I would be so small dankbar.Diese (especially 4-year-old who has to collect a bit on what exactly happened, and unfortunately saw a portion of the death scene) have been through a lot and they have to go through a lot. (So the parents!) But all we do to brighten can extend their life a little will go a long way in helping their recovery – at least that’s what the two child psychologists and child psychiatrists say haben.Vielen Thanks for your thoughts . I’m sure many of you this common sense, but if you have never raised a child, it is not simply keep “common” to mir.Bitte this new family put together in your mind (and all of us who try offering well-meaning help) barbs Best Answer.

response from sticking … just ignorant .. . Ugh
I have a 22mo and would not have a problem with one of the things you mentioned – _but_ – is I only have one child and said a child of nature from monitored fairly closely and I ‘ d be able to intervene when an elastic band was being demolished and about to break Sprinkle and retching size beads was everywhere, etc. If I was hunting down two others I would not be able, as free with that kind of thing and would be likely in non-childproof gadgets is the short answer sträuben.So that it depends on the parent over the child in some regards …

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