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Posted in Toddlers on 7th December 2010

How much weight did you gain while pregnant?
I am currently pregnant with baby boy # 2 and I am 30 weeks along. I have asked similar questions about thisbefore and always get the answer “Its because youre busy with your toddler” Well Honestly I feel like I cant possibly be burning that many calories chasing a baby. (He is now 18 months)
I started out this pregnancy weighing 169 (Im tall, and muscular) I now weigh ….169! i am 30 weeks.
I have heard it all “You’ll put on pounds pretty soon” “Its because youre active with the baby”
ANyway my questions are : What haveYOU gained and WHat could cause me to NOT gain?
Additional details:

Gained 0 on 1st pregnancy
17 pounds gained in 2nd pregnancy
Height 5′ 8.5″
Weight 169
Body Fat 18%
Water 57%

Best answer(s):

Answer by Mary Smith
I actually lost about 10lbs throughout my pregnancy, and towards the end I gained a little extra and when I had my daughter I weighed less than I did originally. Doctors usually assume that an average size woman will gain about 30lbs. But, thats not always the case as you can see. It doesn’t matter as long as you eat healthy and do light exercises.

Answer by Jess
why do you wanna gain more weight? 169 is enough weight already. shouldnt you count yourself lucky??????

Answer by Kylie B
with my first i gained 9kg ( bout 19 lbs ) .. even tho i wasnt running after a toddler i was still pretty active . after he was born , i was about 5 lbs lighter then my start weight.
Im 19 weeks pregnant with my second and havent gained any weight yet .
im over weight any way so not worried about it yet ,lol

When ur pregnant ur metoblisim can go in to over drive .. so while u are gaining baby weight ( placenta , fluid , blood , baby ) u may be losing fat and muscle weight .
Im pretty sure this happened to me in my first because my face got thinner and my legs actually shrunk in size aswell .

Answer by Natasha
With both my boys….20 Pounds!! All in the belly…..Everybody is different, as long as your doctor has no concerns, then you shouldn’t either 🙂

Answer by Robin
oh my gosh your so0oo0 lucky
i gain soo much weight with my 1st bby

not with #2 yet. but im only 6 weeks lol

Answer by shimmeringcupcake
If you were sick in the beginning then you may of just gained the weight back. Also if you are/were breastfeeding the 18 month old then you were burning a bunch of calories. Also you are kind exercising everytime you pick up the 18 month old and carry him around even if you don’t realize it.

I as really sick the first 3 months of pregnancy. I actually lost 15lbs (was 135 (5’2) and went down to 120) before I started gaining weight. I ended up going up to 160 by the end of my pregnancy, so I gained everything that I lost then another 30lbs.

Answer by Locks.
I had a very unusual pregnancy
I actually lost 25 lbs, gained 3 in all.

Well. Throughout the pregnancy, I basically lost 22 lbs.

The baby was healthy.

Answer by Mom of Ethan and Sophie and # 3 in my tummy
I gained 33 lbs in 1st pregnancy. I was not overweight. I gained 10 lbs with second pregnancy. I was 25 lbs overweight. I am 17 wks 6 days pregnant with # 3 and have gained 2 lbs. I am 30 lbs overweight.

As long as your baby is growing, and your doctor isn’t concerned, don’t worry about. The body is amazing at finding nutrients and taking them from mom.

Good luck.

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