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Posted in Babysitting on 13th December 2010

How much should we charge?
My friend and I are doing like “team babysitting”, and we would like to know how much we should charge for babysitting 3 kids aged 1 1/2, 5, and 7. The family is fairly “well to do”.

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Answer by person
$ 7-$ 10 dollars an hour. No higher than 15.

Answer by Dazzle Man
$ 20/hr

Answer by Lynsey ♥Audrey’s Mommy♥
I am not an expert. But I used to babysit my boss’ 4 kids and I got paid $ 25 an hour and they were similar age groups. You would have to split the cost with your friend though.

Answer by Brandy M
minimum wage per hour to start off with

Answer by nisiexoxo
$ 5 each, your doing it together and you dont wan the parents to go broke ahha, but it will be easier together, so i say 5 bucks an hour!

Answer by Theresa
i would say 9/hr because there are 3 kids and you have $ 3 per kid and do that every hour so roughly about 9/hr!

Answer by jeffo 12
well you do it together first charge a little
then make the kids like you so they will want you to come back then charge a little more the next time

Answer by SwEEtie PiE
How long will you be baysitting them. Add details it would help

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