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Posted in Child Support on 7th October 2012

How much should I be paying for child support(Maryland)?
My ex-wife and I had an uncontested divorce, and we have mutually agreed that I would pay her child support “under the table” and not through the system. Right now, I make about 47K a year. My ex and her husband combined make about 85K a year, and she had primary custody of my kids. I drive 80 miles one way every weekend and pick my kids up and bring them back to where I live so that I can spend time with them. I am currently paying her $ 960 per week for 2 kids, and the only reason I can afford this is because I was injured on a job 3 years ago and am receiving a workman’s comp. settlement check every week until Dec. of this year. After this year, the child support will be coming from my paycheck. Is there a certain percentage of a paycheck that child support is derived from? Is there a way to figure out exactly how much I should be paying, without hiring a lawyer?
Correction: I pay $ 240/week….or $ 960.00/month. Sorry!

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Answer by natasha
They have a form that they use to decide. Its based on your income, Go ask a lawyer for a copy of one. I bet one of the secretaries would give you one. Then you can fill it out yourself and see what the state would charge you and go from there.

Answer by Dan M
For two children, you are getting off cheap paying $ 960/mo.

I would worry less about the $ and think of spending some good quality time with your children while not spending an arm and a leg. Do picnics or go to the park. Visit places that have no entrance fee. Make the mosty of your time and be the best role model you can be for them.

Answer by Lost
depending on the children and if it is just one you should only way 160.00 per week. it is alonly 16% of your pay check and x that by how many kids you have. with her. Your best thing is talk to a lawyer I kow this is the rate in california or google it and as find rate for child support in maryland and go from there.

Answer by rpetch007
lawyers can cost… but you have to look after your self.. please talk to one soon or you will be milk. for all she can get.. sorry.. but you have to be in control of things now ..you shold not be payiing so much now .. when the money runs out she will still ask for more.. if you dont.. .

Answer by Owen E
I think you need to discuss this with a lawyer. I do believe it is an exact percentage of your income depending on your paycheck.

Answer by Be happy or live miserable.
it doesn’t matter how often you get the child

In my state they can only take 1/2 of ur pay

Answer by eeyore6838
Hunny, that is alot of money for two kids $ 3840.00 per month, there is a form you fill out you can even go to the online sit for you www.(state)childsupprt.com Good Luck But you shouldn’t be paying her under the table either,becasue she is supposed to put that on her taxes…

Answer by amanda w
I don’t know your exact arrangements as far as how old your children are…do they go to daycare? Also, who pays for insurance? Do you or your ex have any other children that you pay and/or receive child support for? Check out this website…you can enter all of your information and hers and get your answer there. Good luck!


I already got it to your state, all you have to do is enter your info!

Answer by Isabella S
i am so lost. there is no such thing as paying child support under the table. LOL. you are paying support. plain and simple. support can be mutually agreed upon. it’s rare, but it happens. if the both of you agree upon an amount, then it’s fine and can be court ordered. the courts are there to intervene when two parents can’t agree. if the two of you agree…then it’s great. the needs of the children are being met.
if child support services were to intervene, the income would be based on your income and hers. not her husbands. if she isn’t working, then it’s based on minimum wage. (basicly saying stay at home moms are worth $ 7.50 an hour)
and child support is based also on the amount of time you spend with your kids. i also calculate 25% of the non custodial parents income

Answer by kitttkat2001
most states go by ur income. they take any where from 18% to 32% out of your pay….

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