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Posted in Babysitting on 31st December 2010

how much should i be getting paid?
i “babysit” but nearly now im a nanny, i work mon-fri . 7am-7pm. i care for 2 young children. i cook, clean, wash clothes, everything, for both kids and parents.. the HOLE nine yards for cleaning a house, i do.

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Answer by J C
It completely depends on where you live – cost of living and the value of child care can vary immensely. You can do some research into the cost of daycare in the area (it’s usually pretty easy to do since many large daycare centers post rates online) as well as cleaning services. Then discount it a bit and that’s what you could ask to be paid.

Where I live, daycare for infants ranges from $ 1000-2100 per month ($ 1000 = in-home daycare; $ 2000 = daycare center/preschool), and professional cleaning services can cost as low as $ 300 per month. If you double $ 1000 and add in the $ 300 you would have $ 2300. Discount the cleaning a little based on the fact that you are probably not doing the “deep cleaning” that a maid service would do, and consider asking for $ 2150 per month ($ 25,800 per year).

In my area the cost of an au pair is approximately $ 15,000 per year plus room and board. Assume that rent/food/utilities amounts to $ 1000 per month, ($ 15,000 + $ 12,000 = $ 27,000) and the estimate is not too far off.

Just look into the costs in your area and substitute your numbers in for mine.

Answer by Peter B
I completely agree with JC. However, dont forget about federal tax withholding, social ecurity withholding etc.

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