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Posted in Child Support on 29th November 2010

How much should I ask him for “child support”?
My husband and I are separating. I’m moving out with our two children. I don’t have the $ for an attorney. I need advice: if I have two school age children…how much should I ask him for? I know there are other people that have been in this situation. I need help.

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Answer by ablex
Check the website for your state’s support agency. They will probably have posted the formula they use, which will be based on each parent’s income, and the number (and sometimes ages) of children involved.

Answer by ♥Invisible Pink Unicorn♥
Theres a formula that the courts go by – its not a matter of what YOU think you should get but its based on a % of his income –

Here’s a link to a calculator it gives a rough estimate –


Answer by Ĝąßұ Μ ♥
Call your county Child Support Prosecutor and talk with them… They offer free help for women to establish support orders.. At least here they do.

You both have to put your income on a child support worksheet and that determines how much support you receive. It doesn’t matter how much you want, it is all done by a worksheet.

Answer by “WHAT”
You don’t have to ask him for anything just go to court they will decide the price !! and he will have to live with it…no need to try to bargain with him !!

Answer by Common sense isn’t anymore..
Ask the court, they will set it for you if you two can’t agree.

Answer by mo2k7us
It depends on what he makes BUT, I personally think that $ 250.00 per month – per child is a fair start. This is assuming you will be working also. I would also ask that he pay either half or all of any after school care costs that you may have. So you are only talking about $ 500.00 per month + before/after school expenses which would probably bring him up to $ 700 per month (give or take a few bucks). The way I break my figure down is this:

$ 60 per week for food (TO SUPPLEMENT WHAT YOU WILL CONTRIBUTE) = $ 240 per month

The problem with child support is that many people believe the father should pay for everything or an exorbitant amount. The mother should be contributing also so if you look at what it costs to feed and clothe a child, the father would be paying at least half of this. So if you pay $ 120 a week for food, then you should only be expecting him to pay $ 60 of that. $ 260 should supplement your utilities and other misc. costs – not cover all of them. In my opinion and I’ve been in this situation before, I wasn’t expecting him to support me, just my children with my help, just as if we were still together. It should be a partnership, not extortion. Now if you aren’t working and haven’t been working, that’s a different story. He should pay more until you can figure out how to support yourself.

The court generally would make him pay a percentage of his income which you could remind him of if he gives you problems about paying the $ 500. Also, you don’t need a lawyer to file for child support even during a separation. At any rate, writing out all of the expenses like how much it costs to feed your children and all the other expenses related to them and give it to him so that he can see that you are being fair and reasonable. It will also show him that you are only expecting him to CONTRIBUTE, not pay for everything. I think most guys appreciate that.

Answer by George McCasland
What makes you think you’re going to get custody? Also, why are you so willing to destroy your children’s lives for money?

Why not let them stay there are each of you live there for three weeks, than change.

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