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Posted in Working Mothers on 7th February 2011

How many people think this is a fair assessment of our country’s two main political parties?
This was an answer someone gave to another question. I’ve never heard the system described this way before…

” The 2 major political parties are like parents.

The democrats are like one’s mother. Always the one who kissed boo-boos, tells you it will be alright, is nice to the neighbors, keeps things tidy around the house, says things like “wait until your father gets home”, “well, lets see how can we fix this”, and “nobody should do my kid wrong”.

The republicans are like one’s dad. Football, motorcycles, racing…hates the neighbors, but is nice because the wife will gripe, tells you to suck it up when you get a boo-boo, handles the bully down the street, goes to work at a job he hates, fixes things around the house, and is generally grumpy when it comes to your mom. Says things like “I don’t care; ask your mother”. “knock off all that noise”, “stop whining” and “what did you do to deserve it” ‘

Best answer(s):

Answer by jimvalentinojr
Not really. It’s an interesting simile, but not at all complete in its representation of real-world politics.

Answer by Rick V
That is a very interesting point of view.

Answer by Norman V
In the simplest form.

Answer by sjsosullivan

That’s a fabulous analogy!!!

Yes! Absolutely! Well, except for the job part. He may or may not like that job.

Answer by Tony NY
The real comparison and differences between the parties are more stark and dire than your whimsical portrayal. I get your meaning, but I think the real situation is more serious and worrisome, actually. As another questioner asked, he wondered whether the U.S. was headed toward civil war.

I said probably not, but it certainly seems that way sometimes. Nice question, though. Thanks.

Answer by Charlie L
No, don’t think it’s a “fair assessment.” But it does show an attempt at thinking & at forming an understandable analogy for those of limited intellect.

Answer by it is me
i guess theres a good chance for divorce then

Answer by Someone who cares
The analogy would be more complete if someone else besides the parents paid the kids allowance and then the parents took part of it and spent it. The parents would also borrow other money and tell the kids they would have to pay it back. The parents would also tell the kids why they are so much better than the other parent.

Answer by dinodino
This “Democrats are the Mommy and Republicans are the Daddy” thing has been around for years. While there is an element of truth in it, it’s very simplistic and not that useful.

Answer by Year of the Monkey
No. YOu make the democrats sound benign and wishy washy, and you make the republicans sound like idiots. both parties are very passionate about their beliefs, and are filled with both admirable and despicable politicians. They are not some sort of polar-opposite masculine/feminine, yin/yang demigods keeping things in check.

They need to cooperate more, and the relationship you describe is a dysfunctional and in family terms, sexist one.

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