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Posted in Child Support on 21st June 2012

How many people in Idaho, are having issues with child support?Lets all get together and change things!emailme
Recently I was told be a child support official “Well it looks like he has learned to play the “game”. Once they figure out the game and how its played, your stuck for getting child support” I find this to be grossly unjust! The laws in Idaho give more slack to dead beats then help for the child. At 8 an hour your not eligible for state assistance. Now we pay a yearly fee to you a manditory child support system, and you cant get a straigh answer from them. A few years ago the non-custodial parents insisted on joint legal custody, so they can be involved in life decisions. If I stop buying food, clothes and paying for day care, Ill be put in jail for child neglect/abuse. If the non-custodial parents want joint legal custody then they should share the same punishment for failing to provide. If we all get together, write our senators, and meet once every three months at the court house. WE CAN CHANGE THINGS! lets stop waiting for someone else to fight for us, the time is now.

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Answer by cutemamma330
mmh i lived in Idaho for a while… strange place… and the reason why you don’t qualify for assistance bc the cost of living there is soooo low. =)
I hope all works out for you!

Answer by freakboynv2000
one way to “change” things is to make the support laws reasonable. 24% of gross is way to high for most people to absorb. now if you make the support like 12% you would have more compliance because the burden is not so overwhelming.

Answer by Akida
I have had the same issues..my ex was ordered $ 292 for 2 kids…I did get a check for $ 1.59 ,,,LOL…My ex had 5 other Kids, before we had our 2 and I have heard he has had 2 more. He just gets away with no support by making up SS#s and working under the table. He moved to washington so I went there after him,,found his number in the phone book,,went to his house spokae with him,,wrote down license plates number,his address and phone number and gave it to the child support services,,THEY STILL COULDNT FIND HIM>..LOL…Idaho and washinton, and prehaps other states,,dont try hard enough….
Im not waiting for anyone to fight for me,,,I dont care anymore,,Ill support my own kids,,,Its harder, but the way it is.

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