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Posted in Child Care on 21st January 2012

how large of a wardrobe does a child need?
Pre school age toddlers. An almost 4 year old girl.
day dresses- she just enjoys wearing them all the time
underwear (seriously we own over 60 pr right now)

Sorry, I just am so frustrated, she owns considerably more clothing in the size she is just growing into right now. Her current bedroom has two closets and she fills them both top to bottom. Plus she has stuff stored. My mother and grandmother send “care” packages all the time and since I have in the past bought 2-3 years ahead to save money they buy things we already do not need.

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Answer by Lisa
I feel for ya. My daughter has way more clothes then she needs. She has a grandma that sends several big boxes full of clothes a month. I never have to buy anything….but I want to! I think 2 weeks worth of outfits is sufficient for a child.

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