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Posted in Child Support on 6th August 2013

How is it possible, with our modern scientific medicine that people suffer more, not less?
86 million Americans now suffer from some type of chronic debilitating pain Best Answer (s):

Answer given by Mr Pie
I would not say that they are. What is your reasoning behind this?

response from David
they are not. many symptoms used to be thrown together in a pot of ignorance. Now maybe we do not know what they are, but how to heal them all. it, sa perception problem, not a science theme.

Reply by Twitchy
It could be that since civilization has a better understanding of medicine and disease, we are able to detect diseases then people would not have been possible sick as someone seen. Or maybe because all of our anti-bacterial agents, and people taking antibiotics when they are sick, the germs that are resistant to antibiotics and antibiotics and become stronger. Especially with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a bacterium that causes infection to see the open wounds. But it is resistant to many antibiotics, so doctors have to rely on very strong antibiotics to get rid of it.

Reply onlymatch4u
The answer is quite simple really. Modern medicine is NOT about health, but “The treatment of symptoms and disease management.” Pharmaceutical companies have created large markets for their drugs and have acquired huge sums of exorbitant greed and political agenda dictate huge contribution to the politicians who make the laws. Doctors are taught about medicine, not health through nutrition Gebäude.Pharmafirmen do what all companies do and grow their market share, while you try to get more profit. 53% of all Americans are now chronically ill, 80% overweight and 30% obese. The food is grown in America lost more than 50% of the antioxidants in the last 25 years. Misinformation is not marketed anywhere with profit interests of health. Large companies are promoting terrible things in America, and response to public demands that are manipulated by clever marketing systems. A good example of this is the genetic engineering of what is going on in America. 180,000 farmers in India committed suicide because of their GMO cotton crops failed and they could not pay the bank back for GMO seeds from Monsanto provided. Animals died within 3 days after feeding of GMO cotton, which they normally eat without problems. Michael Taylor was Monsanto’s vice president and lawyer. He is now the FOOD CZAR at the FDA, which has the last word, which foods are safe. Thousands of FDA scientists, he declared all GMOs safe, so now no tests and no labeling is done on GMOs. No traceability if any of these waste harms you because it is not labeled. In Europe, Asia, and most of the world, GMOs have been eliminated from the food supply because they tested it and the public was aware of, but not in America. Thank you FDA! ! ! (Pun intended). More allergies, deaths and chronic diseases which are of the GMO garbage. 70% of all processed foods in the U.S. are now GMO. To make use of GMOs antibiotic-resistant genes in it. Is it any wonder Americans are resistant to antibiotic drugs? Developed to generate huge profits for the pharmaceutical companies, the people jammed by doctors for so-called diseases are just nutritional deficiencies. We are told that vaccines are safe and the savior of all mankind, but the reality is that these toxic injections cause all kinds of problems such as blood sludging, autism, neurodegenerative diseases in children everywhere. But up to the hype of pharmaceutical companies to hear criminal, they are sicher.Inzwischen old people in their 70s of diseases, some not even named yet die, but kept alive long enough to extract money from their savings and insurance . Then, the American public is to believe, we must pay higher taxes to support duped “Healthcare”. More than 786,000 people died of iatrogenic diseases (physician deaths) in the United States per year. That is more than any single serious illness and that is only the reported deaths. The actual number is far größer.Das problem starts with the food supply and real education the truth, not marketing geniuses and criminals pharmaceutical companies directed modern medicine. Americans are told that modern medicine keeps us healthier. This is ridiculous and a fat lie. When people are living longer today than 65 years old take and compare this figure with the 65 100 years, you will see that we won only 2 years of life expectancy. The suffering that you mentioned is on life-sustaining pills give people a poor quality of life as they age. America ranks 12th in longevity in the world, but uses 70% of all drugs produziert.Die healthcare law is nothing more than “health abuse” created to supply the pharmaceutical industry profits pay politicians to keep their agenda. Do you know someone in the world who know a deficiency in a drug? Name one disease have healed in over 200 years of existence, the pharmaceutical companies. Do you actually believe pharmaceutical companies to search for a cure for diabetes? Cancer? They take money from “PINK” and people use to make drugs to relieve the symptoms. There is no cure just around the corner. This is corporate suicide. We need to encourage research for real money funnel and stop all this foolishness pharmaceutical companies. Then you will see the suffering stoppen.Glück

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