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Posted in Child Care on 13th April 2011

How frustrating is it to find out your return is delayed because your ex tried to claim your child?
that he didn’t even bother paying for all year?

I work in a tax accounting office and have seen two sides of this, a woman filed her taxes claiming her children that she provided for all year only to be denied claiming them because ex already did. Now she has to go through all types of b.s. to rectify this.

Another was of this dead-beat dad filing, girl friend sitting next to him belly-aching that she “don’t care” if they didn’t live with them or that he didn’t pay for them, that they “be his kids” and he is entitled to “da money” anyway. “F*** dat *itch, she on welfare anyway.”

It’s infuriating listening to this nonsense.

How would you feel if your ex claimed your children, delaying your return that you may very well need for your children, because he decided to claim them?

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Answer by mcally Baby Feet
Any parent that would claim a child after they have done nothing to support the child should be taken out and beaten. I bet it never dawned on the stupid girlfriend that the mom might not be on welfare if the slime ball father supported his kids

Answer by Amy G
This happens to me with my niece. We have raised her since she was 2. Her mother has only seen her once since she has left her. (this past November) Every couple of years, when she is out of jail, she will claim my niece on her taxes. It pi$ $ es me off to no end! She has never given us one penny yet she feels she has a right to claim her. (she told us it was her right because it was her child) I’m sure we’ll go through it again this year because the 8itch is out of jail.

Answer by Simple
I would drive to his house, get up in his face, and flip s**t! He did help out the last 4 months of the year because the court ordered him to. I made it very clear before W2’s even came out that she lives with me, I pay for the majority of her needs, therefore I am claiming her. It’s not really about the money, just the nerve of the worthless parents who are just using their kids for extra cash.

Answer by LMK26
I would feel very HAPPY when the IRS went after the creep, relentlessly, to recoup the ex’s ill-gotten gains!

This happened to me a few years ago. Ex claimed all 4 kids (I have sole custody), filed married joint, put me down for zero income (I made more than he did) and signed my name on the return. (H&R Block guy told him it was ok to do this!!!) When I went to efile I was frantic – could not figure out why it kept getting rejected.

Took the IRS almost 2 years to send me my refund (I ended up using their Taxpayer Advocate service) and go after him….he is on their sh1t list and making repayments, like, for the rest of his life!

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