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Posted in Child Support on 12th February 2012

How Ezsupport-ny Assists With Child Support And Spousal Maintenance
As the economic climate has shown all too clearly as of late, incomes fluctuate through life. Lifestyles fluctuate, tooexpanding and contracting according to circumstances, preferences, needs, wantsfor oneself and for the family.
Your client’s uncontested divorce might be final. But in one year, five years, or 12 years, one or the other party might ask for a support modification. What now?
EzSupport-NY gives your client the capacity to update his or her financial statements every year.
From year to year, he or she notates fluctuations in income, bank accounts and stock holdings. He or she can record losses, windfalls, deficits, bonuses, raises. Even when he or she is no longer your client, you add tremendous value to your servicesand to his or her divorceby advising him or her on how to track and record changes as the years go by.
Whether it’s good news or bad: this creates an accurate record. By the time anyone files for modification of their New York spousal maintenance, the legwork is easy. It’s right at your client’s fingertips.
All of this comes with the following standard features for our EzSupport-NY software:
•  Generation of an accurate, customized, expandable New York Net Worth statement,
•  Provision of a helpful child support and spousal maintenance calculator,
•  Generation of customized forms,
•  Unlimited technical support, educational webinars, training and upgrades, and
•  Personalized customer service and support.
Go to our website for more incredible features of EzSupport-NY Software.

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