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Posted in Child Support on 26th December 2010

How does this “Child Support” situation work?
I’m now 27 weeks pregnant and I can see clearly now that my child’s father doesn’t/isn’t going to be involved. I have to do what’s best for my child. I’d LOVE for him to be in his child’s life because it’s not fair to the baby and not fair to me. I don’t even know how people could live with themselves knowing that they have kids in the world that they are not taking care of. I’ve never done anything to drive him away but get pregnant. He doesn’t have a job so I don’t know how I’d be able to get child support for him. Would they make him get a job? It’s incredibly frustrating. I wish people could just do their job as a parent and no one would have to go through this unnecessary stress.

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Answer by VoiceofCommonSense
You file with the courts first.
Then they go through a bunch of steps.
1. Take his drivers license
2. Take his State Income Tax Return
3. Take his Federal Income Tax Return
4. Garnish his wages
5. Confiscate and sell his house
6. Freeze his banking
7. And last but not least
Throw him in jail , fine him heavily and do any of the above

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