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Posted in Child Support on 28th July 2012

How does child support work when you find out 17 yrs later you have a daughter?
My husband found out a few days ago he has a 17 year old daughter. Her birth certificate has her father as unknown. His ex has been collecting government help to help raise her. She is now asking him for money (“child support”) as to how much she sees fit. My husband is more than happy to pay child support through court order in which he would legally be recognize as her father.

Question is, how does the back order child support apply in this situation?
Does he pay back the government or does the money go straight to the mother?
Could the mother get in trouble for denying/hiding the father from his daughter?

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Answer by Uck Fu
why bother?
out of sight, out of mind

Answer by LevineGurl85
My mom did that to my dad. They were divorced for two years and remarried the day after my first birthday. My brother is older than me however, so to spite him after their divorce (The second time around in 2001), she demanded child support for those two years way back in the 80’s. So he had to pay that money and it went straight to my mom. Hope that helps.

Answer by vis
i went through that with my ex.when we were married a 17 yr old and pregnant child showed up..child support recovery wanted 29,000 dollars in back support he got a lawyer..your husband need a good one now.like today..well my husband lawyer ask for dna..you will need that as well..once it was proven this child was his my ex agreed to pay 19,000 the support agency said no..that was in court..then i was found out that she was living with her grandmother and the mother was not paying support.and all that was really owed was 9,000 and the judge made the mom and dad( my ex) split that cost.he needs a lawyer..first find out if the child is really his but he still needs a lawyer for even that one

Answer by Mochi
the court wont give the full 17 years of unknown support. she made no effort to find him so she’s out of luck for at least a good 15 years that she could have collected. getting off with 15 years unpaid sounds good enough

Answer by ♥The Mrs.♥
At the moment he doesnt have to pay any thing. Stop payment until there is a paternity test…this may mean the woman has to get this court ordered but it will keep you having to pay for it (expensive). If the child is his the judge may order him to pay back child support, though truthfully I am not sure how it applies since she was on government aid. I don’t think she can get in trouble since your husband did not try to seek custody. Since there is no name on the birth certificate nothing can be done until paternity is proven.

Answer by Daniel
thats a hard ? but i do know that she can get in trouble for not giving the fathers name if she knows it because they make you tell them all that if you file for day care help, well fair, food stamps…….. and i not sure but he may not have to pay child support because her not letting him know that there evan was a child caused him to miss out on her whole child hood. alot of these ? r going to depend on the state. i would hire a family law. it will be alot cheaper to ask him these ?’s than it would be to pay one and than you know for a fact you have the right answers and you have him if you need him

Answer by The Answer!
Exactly how did he find out? Did he get a DNA test? If not he’d better get one first. I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t see how all that back support would fall on your husband if he never knew about the child. Its not his fault the mother’s an idiot, I mean why did it take 17 years to find out who the father was. I don’t think he would be held liable for it, he just found out. I would get the DNA test first if he hasn’t already, then go through the courts, that way she doesn’t commit highway robbery on his @$ $ by trying to make him make up for all that support she would have gotten if she knew who the father was to begin with.

Answer by Cathy
he has no legal right in paying some someone he knew nothing about and she can get into trouble if she is now trying to claim money from your husband, if he wants to help out why dont he just open up a account in the daughters name but first he needs to find out for sure that this child is really his

Answer by brwneyedgrl
All depends on the states ruling on child support.. some states will make him pay all 17 years.. some states like florida only go back 2 years.. so it all depends, now the fact that she’s been getting states assistance, could be tricky as the state tends to do what they want , and they will want their money for flipping the bill.. all these years.. so they could go after him for all the money they gave to the child.. his best bet is to contact a lawyer and find out what his options are.. i personally dont think its fair for any woman to come back after 17 years and say Oh by the way u have a child, now pay up for all these years.. unless she’s been trying through the years to contact him and can prove that.. I would definately request a DNA test to prove paternity first.. then deal with the logistics after he finds out for a fact that this child is in fact his .. but definately seek a lawyers advice..

Answer by Nick
The money your husband pays goes directly to his ex, not the government. Child support works like this: Two parents are separated and together they had one or more children. The parent that takes the child can demand child support to help pay for the child’s clothes, food, etc. That can range in prices depending on where you live, how much the guardian of the child makes a year, and how old the child is. If and when the child moves out of the house, child support doesn’t need to be paid. Depending on where you live, your husband may not need to pay child support after the child turns 18 and/or gets a well paid job at 18.

The mother can not get in trouble for hiding the child from your husband. To tell you the truth, I am 14 years old with my parents separated and that is what is going on now. I know a lot about child support because that is what my dad has to pay too. And I read up on the entire issue and how it works. I’m not sure about your husband seeing his daughter if him and his ex are separated. But for me, I can’t see my father until my mother and father are legally divorced. Then I will have full visitation rights. But I am sure your husband will be able to see his child.

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