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Posted in Child Care on 3rd January 2011

How do you sleep at night?
PLEASE, IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED DO NOT READ ON. Also, reporting this question could prevent someone from donating to a person in need. If you don’t like it, pretend you never read this.

Right this moment, as you are reading this, people all over the world, maybe even next door, are being tormented in the most horrific ways.

Parents; right NOW a child is crying out for a mother who will never come back. Another child is starving to death and will DIE never knowing happiness or joy.

Women; right NOW a young girl is being RAPED and BEATEN by a group of men, and no one is going to be there for her afterwards if she survives.

Millions of other people are crying out for help. They are in PAIN, and they will also die. And when they die, NO ONE will shed tears for them.

So, how do you sleep at night?

I asked myself this a few years ago, and the only answer I could come up with that was 100% true was, “I don’t care.”
I also asked my mother recently, and she said, “There’s nothing I can do about it.” That isn’t true. The truth is, that the average person is selfish, and refuses to give up their amenities to lead a life of aid. Even if it seems hopeless, I’m sure that in this day and age if enough people helped, this could all be stopped.

Also, if you enjoy freedom, do you think it’s more important than human life?
How is my heart black? I’m just speaking the truth, people.

And to the ones saying, “Oh, I’m in pain.” when you look in the mirror, do you see death? Because in other countries that’s all I see when they show those people’s faces.
Before I choose best answer, I’m going to summarize all of the answers given for everyone who will stumble upon this question while doing a search. (There is only one good answer.)

The first answer simply is a form of, “There’s nothing I can do about it.” except this person places the responsibility on a deity who may not even exist.

The second person completely avoids the question altogether, because they obviously were made uneasy thinking about reality.

The third person who answers just chastises me for ruining her “good mood”.

The fourth person takes my question as a slap in the face, and responds with a long, pointless rant justifying her inaction while throwing personal insults at the asker.
The two men who answered the question pretty much say the same exact thing that could have been stated in one sentence. “It’s not my problem unless it’s convenient for me to help.”

The last person to answer logically explains why this selfishness is necessary, “Your mind is working normally, if you have to carry all of that on your shoulders you will not stay sane.” After explaining this, the person suggests things that I can do to have better peace of mind. This is the only good answer because this person did not just defensively lash-out for their response.

However, I only asked this to look at the responses I would get, and see how many could respond without feeling insulted. I guess only one person was mature enough to do so. I am dissapointed to say the least.

If you want the human race to survive, be part of the solution to this huge problem and consider reaching out to those in need.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Fireball226
i do care but humans cant fix everything….PRAY FOR GODS KINGDOM EVERY day..

Answer by big dummy drop
take it easy

Answer by jt
Ya, you don’t care unless it happens to you, or someone you know. Then you’ll shed some tears – and we who don’t know you – won’t care about those tears.

Ya, that’s a great attitude to have. When did your heart go black?

Answer by Gravedigger
You care, you just know you can’t do anything about every problem in the world. You’d go nuts otherwise.

Now, if you knew your next door neighbor left her kids and wasn’t coming back and those kids were starving to death and you did nothing about it, then yes, sleep would be a problem.

In that case your conscience would be the problem and then you ought to do something and right away.

The difference is clear.

Answer by Heartless Romantic
the question should be how do you sleep at night i mean it’s each to just to say something is wrong but what are you doing to stop it your self i mean at least practice what you preach. there is really nothing people can do it’s just a fact of life. trust me i’m one of those Millions of people who are crying out for help. i’m in PAIN and i will also probably die. And when i die, NO ONE will shed tears for me.

btw you sound so selfish how can you just not care but what ever i guess you just won’t understand until it happens to you or one of you loved ones. but i guess you are one of those spoiled people who always had everything handed to them and you just don’t know what it’s like to struggle to just keep on living.

and how dare you call me selfish you don’t know me i would lay my life down on the line to help a complete stranger because i have nothingleft to live for and if i could just save on person who needed me i would be cause at least then i would have served some kind of purpose and yes every time i look in the mirror i see the face of a corpse because that’s really what i am because i can’t remember the last time i have actually felt alive.

Answer by afilmbuff
How can we care about people we don’t know? Not to care entirely about the subject is a bit cruel. Bu realistically, what are we supposed to do about it? There are cruel and unjust people in this world and we can only do so much as citizens to prevent such atrocities. Its unfortunate, but part of life. If I lived next door or witnessed some of the tragedies you mentioned, I would do my part as a human being and help.

Answer by ssncnmks
You are being too hard on yourself. We can not all at any given moment morn all the sad things that are happening in the world. It is not that you do not care. Your mind is working normally, if you have to carry all of that on your shoulders you will not stay sane. What is important, is how you act when you do know about somebody that may need you; that you do act up when you have to; you can contribute to organizations who are helping those in need and if possible, you can even become involved in an organization. If you know that you will stand up for what is right when you have to, that you are doing something constructively, even if only by means of a financial contribution, you may sleep. We cannot all become hysterical on behalf of the mad world; then you become part of that madness! Stay sane, sober, calm and purposeful. Do something positive; and get enough sleep.

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