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Posted in Child Support on 12th November 2010

How do you say “ex-husband” and “child support” in Spanish?

I have to write a small script for Spanish class and I couldn’t find these two words in my Spanish-English dictionary.

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Answer by r.d

its ex-esposo
and cuidado de ninos

Answer by curly

Answer by freakypie21
good question.

Answer by roy40372

Answer by mily
okay people…if you dont know the answer, no need for being so mean! just back off and mind your own buisness and get a life. =))

Answer by yuridiarocks
ex-marido is ex-husband
Apoyo de niño is child support

Answer by Christopher S
Ex-husband is either “ex-marido” or “ex-esposo.”

As for child support, it appears that term is “sustento de menores” which is what the Puerto Rican government uses as well as the US government when using Spanish.

Answer by ♣bubbly♣
Ex-husband: ex-marido, ex-esposo
Child support: pensión alimenticia. This one depends on the country. I think some countries called it pensión infantil.

Answer by latgal73
Only Bubbly’s answer is correct, go with hers. I vote for “pensión alimenticia” thou

Answer by Gerardo T
ex- marido or ex-esposo, and child support could be translated as pension alimenticia, which literally means food money or manutencion which is anything that is given to a mother to help raise a child. So if you wanna say “Is receiving child support from her ex- husband” it would be ” recibe manutencion de su ex-esposo” or “recibe pension alimenticia de su ex-esposo” but I think manutencion sounds better.

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