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Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question of Alliesmommy : How do you remove the milk / formula for a “child” ?
My daughter just turned 1 and her doctor told her go now milk, “but not too much.” were also always going on so I have put bottles of milk in their sippy cups but everyone I talk, says her baby only drinks about 10-15 oz of milk per day. She eats regular food, but there are times during the day when they only want to milk / formula … not food.and these times are trying frequent.I, only her a bottle / cup, if they ever really picky, but her formula / milk intake is still in the 20-30 ounce range. I have a hard time, they have their meals too.I sure it has to do with the milk, so I offer her the food first then milk, but sometimes they do not want to try food at all to eat only bottles. What are you doing? We are somehow the switch to milk now, but it is only 4-8 ounces 1-2 ounces milk cows milk day.thats her formula.and we dont give milk to her formula has all the bottles cuz still kinda hesitant to erfahren.und I almost never spoon feed them because they can be used to me always lol.she feed itself, some people are not understanding my question.i do not know how to switch from Formula I wonder how they do not drink as much milk and eat more food.thanks Best Answer:

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We decided to leave our son on formula … Doctors say you can switch to cows’ milk after 12 months … not, you should. I still trying to figure out what would be the benefits of switching others to save save money offensichtlich.Kuhmilch can lead to anemia. It is low in iron to begin with, causes mild bleeding, which adds up over time to a wide range of blood loss, and if a child drinks too much milk, it can end up replacing food that much-needed iron would be! If your daughter does not eat much, they had a lot safer on formula for now. I do not know if you mean cow’s milk or formula when you say 20-30 ounces … but 24 oz + cow’s milk is far too much and is likely to have problems verursachen.Mein son is almost 14 months and has 9 oz formula when he wakes up and nine ounces before his afternoon nap. I would say lead, follow your child … obviously try and increase their solid food intake, but go on with their pace. What do you feed? If you feed mainly spoons, try finger foods or sandwiches. Many young children prefer self-feeding at this age; luck!

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