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Posted in Working Mothers on 5th November 2012

How do you know if someone feminist / anti-feminist?
I do not have non-feminist because … according to some people who remain unnamed … non feminists wird.Aber not exist next to someone simply say: “I am a (n) feminist / anti-feminist am” (And no one really believes these words sometimes …), how do you judge someone is telling the truth or lying? How can you prove it Best Answer (s):

response from Madeira River
You should see how they say to a number of specific situations (for a sexist remark, systematic discrimination, a debate with someone from one view, react etc. ), before you can say. Perhaps some enterprising psychologist will lead to an experiment like this.

answer the woman
I really think they have to say. I have been confused for both, but I’m not. I know there are some people who I have confused one or the other, and then verify that they are in favor of the other, or simply edit nichts.EDIT-anyone want wendy answer? I think there are a few grammatical errors.

response from Lostfan
Labels Labels Labels, I do not go in for the Bullcrap.

response from Merrik The Wise
I Hate “anti-feminist” is a dirty word. It sounds like you do not want. Gender I do not think there are hardly any “anti-feminist at GWS. I think it could be people who do not agree with what women of feminism, but they appreciate the same rights. And I’m not anti-feminist to be , but I’m not a feminist, I am pro-Equal Rights, I’m not a parent and die.EDIT Capricorn:… I said that is what it sounds like to me you would consider me an anti-feminist, just because I not with modern feminism agree, but I’m not against equal rights.’s why I said that I am pro-women’s rights. Understood Who he cult that feminism has resisted, is not always against women’s rights. Have once around that think before jumping to conclusions? Obviously not.

reply by wendy g
Spelling.’s anti-feminists do not. And do not even get me started on grammar! Lol … just kidding. (Sort of …) EDIT Feel free to do it yourself, Mrs. I am sure that after correcting the papers first graders all day, you will be an excellent job for correct me tun.Und your ability to take a joke is impressive as well.

response from Chanteuse d ‘Opéra
I think it is similar to the to say situation when someone was single or not, you would have to ask them, or whether they wore watching a wedding ring. in this case is not the only way to tell, sometimes it has to be said outright.

response from Kitana ♥
You can not say, unless it comes in Gespräch.Ich know nothing about feminism or women’s rights to speak in the workplace. I do not think you get it with people I hardly know. I do not talk to strangers about it (except via the Internet) to discuss. feminist / anti-feminists do not look a certain way. do not wear special clothes. growl you not. You did not grunt. They do not smell bad. not prove your belief systems that they are a “fit parent” (see yesterday’s issues for details on that one) means feminist sein.Als not mean that a woman or a man to stay at home to look for their children instead of working. An anti-feminist would not necessarily go to Arbeit.Wie hate every day, you can prove what they stand for? you usually take their word for it. people constantly saying one thing and the other do, especially if they are afraid of what people think about it … or even worse, dread “thumbs downs” on Yahoo. * note sarcasm * … And by the way, when no one believes you say you are ( to Yahoo), why should it matter? They do not have anything to prove to them. Debating and even argueing is fine, but at the end of the day, if you like, you constantly prove themselves to strangers you do not know that do not . need to feel to believe, just leave the ol ‘computer for a few hours, the chances are will need a break

response from Laela (Layla)
consistency;. Not what they do, act, react go hand in hand with what they say Example A:. This person says he does not believe in equal rights, but at the same time they, as women are paid less fulminate Example B:. Even this person is like A, only they could care less who is more money So ask yourself who you glauben.Edit. you know something my equal with you man, makes no difference to me, for one thing you will and die so I will

response from doodlebugjimv2
In women it is easier than Männer.Nicht all feminists dress a certain way, but for those its pretty clear that they want to send a signal http :/ / multi.stanford.edu/interaction/021506/images/fem_freedman.jpgIn my experience, if a woman is a feminist’s something she wants you to be in their appearance sehen.Anti feminists? If a woman dressed / made in the traditional style seductive it’s a good bet that they do not describe themselves as feminist. Sure there are lipstick lesbians, but that’s a slightly different Thema.Bei men their difficult. One can say if I http://blog one feminst in about 10 seconds flat, if you ask me, I think of what to feminism, but otherwise I do not look different than most men have. What does a feminist look like man? .peta2.com/manly_paul1.JPGLOL! would no dress code, because people would laugh about it on the open road! Considering how poorly treated feminism people, they are too ashamed to right.

Reply musica
If anyone says yes, you really do not know. It’s all conjecture and labeling different.

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