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Posted in Working Mothers on 14th December 2010

How do you feel regarding the ruling of this case?
The case where the mother “forgot” her toddler girl in her SUV, and went to work for 8 hours..(the poor child died from the heat)..

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Answer by Van der Elst
Hi Happy Little trees. Link won’t work sorry – sounds a vile case!

Answer by sanguis
I hope she goes to prison for a very long time.

Answer by phlada64
The thing that got me was they didnt charge the mother. Isnt letting your child inside a hot car all alone considered to be neglect and or child abandonment?

Answer by SallyJ
link don,t work but Fook that sounda like pure neglect poor child …god help us if this is what we have become as a human race………….

Answer by Sofia Dragon
I’ve seen cases like this before. I can’t follow the link (possibly my college’s content filter or dead link) but there was a similar case some years ago. The mother was on antidepressents and forgot her child while she went shopping. The infant died in the car. She tried for an insanity defence, but didn’t make it. I don’t think it is possible for any sound-minded person to forget their child – it is either a deliberate malicious act or the result of some dementia.

Answer by crazy4wordracer
The new link works fine and I heard about this on the news. In my opinion, I can’t see how they not prosecute the mother. It is neglectful and cannot see how a mother could “forget” her child. I wonder who she “knows” or what her connection is to the prosecutor.

Answer by bakhan
Incredible human race of this era…..
So this is how we take care of our youg ones…God have mercy on our race.

My message to all would be parents….If you can not take care of them..do not produce them.

Well.. the mother is alredy punished.She doesn’t deserve to be one.

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