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Posted in Child Care on 23rd January 2011

How do you feel about teenagers that move out at a young age?
Would you allow your children to do the same?

Best answer goes to someone that actually ANSWERS the question not no sh*t answer like “It’s none of my business so I don’t care”

Best answer(s):

Answer by Bron Saga
It’s none of my business so I don’t care

Answer by Aѕнєя [нιρ нσρ нєα∂]
It’s none of my business so I don’t care

Haha damn! Beat to it!

Answer by Danny Boy
Who cares, if the young want to live and fail or succeed on their own then it is their prerogative.

Answer by the ready set
If my kid had the money, and the balls to do it, then sure.

Answer by Frieda
i would not let my children do that. i would make sure they are secure before letting them move out.

Answer by Spot
I had 2 teenage girls that both moved out at age 17. First thing I did was turn their bedrooms into an office……so they couldn’t come back to stay…lol. But of course, like all parents that love their children…I made sure they were ok and had enough essentials…….like food!

Answer by JOSEPH A
I don’t know what you mean by young age. Less than 18? No way.

I moved out at 18 and back in at 19.

Answer by Fanfy10
Good question,my dear!
No,I would never allow my children to move out of my house at a young age.Some kids turn to drugs,alcohol or prostitution when they are not mature/strong minded enough to live on their own.I truly believe that all parents should let their children stay with them until they at least finish college.I’m not even comfortable with kids leaving their parents house to go to OUT Of State Campus.Some of them do lots of drinking there too.
Stay home until you finish college is “most of the time”the best way!

Answer by Ricardo
if them have a good job and a good education and can find a perfect place to stay yea i would gladly get them out.

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