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Posted in Babysitting on 8th May 2014

How do you entertain an antsy 1 year old on a plane?
We’re flying from Seattle to Chicago next weekend for our daughter’s 1st birthday and I need to know how to keep her occupied for those 4 hours. She’s pretty antsy and doesn’t like having to sit for extended periods of time.

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Answer by dana t
Well I know she’s younger than my little boy was when we first flew but here are a few thoughts …

1) Lots of snacks and drinks (especially for take off and landing when their ears may hurt)
2) Books (especially ones with interaction)
3) Coloring Books and Crayons
4) If you have an iphone or similar phone they have really cool “games” for babies and toddlers – many for free
5) Stickers – just to stick everywhere – kids love to peel off stickers and stick them on things – Target and Walmart have those 700+ sticker coloring books. And the stickers are just the right amount of stickiness – they won’t stay long.
6) When you are in the airport don’t try to make her “sit” let her get out all the wiggles. Wears them out a little
7) Maybe a “new” toy that she hasn’t seen before
8) Try to book the flight during nap time

If I think of any others I post them … Good luck!

Answer by Krista
go to the dollar store and pickup some cheap toys. Whenever she’s becoming antsy whip out a brand new toy that will keep her entertained the duration of the trip!

Answer by MIchelle B
i had to travel 6 hours flight i sat my daughter next to the window kept her entertain with toys telling her where we were going why and who we are going to see read her books and flight attendants were really helpful i was traveling by my self i believe you are traveling with husband ? you should be ok , it work for me Have a great trip!

Answer by Smiling_Lady
Make sure you have time in the park or allow her to run around and burn off some energy before you go. A portable DVD player will be your lifesaver..even if she watches the movies over and over.

Don’t be too afraid to let others on the plane hold her and play with her…I’ve seen that done many times. Most people like/love children…so they would be happy for the distraction as well.

Books, books, books.

Hopefully she will sleep…that would be your biggest blessing!! lol

Good luck and have a great time.

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